10 Random Acts Of Kindness To Do On Blue Monday

Today is known as Blue Monday. It’s the longest day in winter making it the darkest, gloomiest day of the year. As a result many people experience depression and sadness in larger amounts than usual. However I’d like to help soften that blow today by suggesting 10 acts of kindness we can do today to make this day more bearable.

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Hug Your Mother (Or Someone Really Special)

I don’t say this often enough but mothers are pretty awesome.

Compliment Every Person You Meet (Or Most)

Perform One Act Of Kindness For Someone

Share Motivational Quotes

Say Yes To Things More Often And Believe In It

Treat Yourself To Something Nice

Spend Less Time On Your Phone Or Tech

Sending Gifts

Smile A Lot

Pass Down Your Wisdom

Acts Of Kindness

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