10 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Get Sick

There are times where you get sick and you can brush it off. Then there are times where you get really sick.

Eric S Burdon
9 min readJan 20, 2020


Last Thursday was the first time I ever took a “sick day” as an entrepreneur. It sounds weird to say that. After all, for an entrepreneur, when you get sick, you’re supposed to pull through it.

Learn to work with your illness and keep hustling.

But I couldn’t. I was sick. Real sick.

I’m not talking about cold or flu symptoms. I’m talking about “what in the world did I catch” symptoms.

Persistent and painful migraine. Sore throat. Pseudo-nausea. Dizziness. Feeling feeble. Lack of appetite despite feeling hungry.

I’m not going to be diagnosing myself because chances are the internet would tell me it’s some kind of cancer. Which it isn’t. I know this because after “sleeping” for about a day and a half, I felt much better.

While I could be theory crafting as to why this happened to me, that’s not the point I brought this up. I brought this up because despite entrepreneurs being portrayed as these revolutionary people sometimes, they can get sick too. And they can get really sick as I have.

Sure, the illness I described may happen once in a blue moon, but there is a number of misconceptions about entrepreneurs and sickness we don’t consider. The biggest is the idea that we have to work through whatever illness we have while still working.

But sometimes we can’t do that in good conscience. Some sicknesses can get so bad you need operations or have to go to the hospital for a while. And in cases like mine, I needed that full day of laying in bed.

All that being said, when you do find yourself dealing with something more serious than a cold or the flu, here are some tips I suggest you consider. Best of all, some of these you can use when you are feeling better too.

Take Your Vitamins



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