15 Great Goals To Set During COVID-19

A pandemic is not an excuse for setting great goals to achieve.

Eric S Burdon
11 min readJul 13, 2020


In terms of setting great goals, 2020 hasn’t been the most ideal year to be doing that. We were only a few months into the new year when cases of COVID-19 took over the world and many people were forced into isolation.

Even with these contingencies in place in most countries right now, many people have given up entirely on some of their ambitious goals for this year. Moreover there are those who still struggle in setting goals and are not at all equipped to setting goals during these difficult times.

As such, I want to provide a small pool of goals that you can do at home. Having worked from home for a while now, I know there are many things that you can do while staying at home. Some of these goals are ambitious while others are simple. Regardless, this can help you in the future as you set more great goals in the post-COVID period.

Starting A Business

Starting a business can feel like a big endeavour. For me, I was under the distinct impression you needed to put together a business plan (which would take days or weeks to prepare), amongst a handful of other things.

The process felt like it would take a good month before you had everything set up and ready to sell something.

But that’s not the case at all.

Take my own writing business. All I did was have an idea and started to write on a blog. I wasn’t selling anything per se, but since day 1, I was already doing what my business is supposed to be doing to an extent.

There are so many ideas for businesses that you can start up right now. Want to sell SEO services to various businesses? Read up on SEO best practices and see what kind of skills you have that can help businesses. Figure out what can make you stand out amongst other people.

I’ve also come up with other ideas before COVID-19 happened. These ideas can still be relevant right now with some tweaking.



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