3 Powerful Tips To Setting Great Goals For An Improved You

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It’s been a little over a year that I have started to set goals in my own life. It may seem like something so small, however looking back to it it was a great experience that opened up my eyes.

It made me realize a lot about myself, my mindset, where I wanted to go and so much more. Even though I originally set goals for the sake of getting attention, they have evolved into something that I truly appreciate. They continue to propel me forward further than they were before.

So What Exactly Happened?

Well, the best way of explaining it is that I started to set great goals. What I’m saying is that I believe there is an art to setting goals but also an art of setting great goals.

I agree, setting goals in general does separate you from the rest of the world. It means you are thinking further ahead than other people.

That being said setting goals doesn’t make you a better person when those goals don’t propel you forward. I realized that with a lot of my goals that I set. The intention was there but there was no momentum in accomplishing them.

That’s Changed Though

I’ve started to set great goals now.

And I am starting to see a lot of success in them.

I feel motivated to complete them and the vast majority of my goals I complete or get very close over the course of the week. My mindset has shifted a lot and I understand more about it.

So here are a few pointers for you today on setting great goals for an improved you. I’ll also expand on it further on Wednesday too.

Have A Why And Write It Down

One of the biggest take-aways from Smarter, Faster, Better by Charles Duhigg when it comes to goal setting is, setting a why. When you tie something that you value, whether it’s a goal or something that you are currently doing, you’ll find extra inspiration and motivation to do it.

One of the things that I lacked at the beginning was setting a why. As a result I didn’t feel as motivated to complete the goals. Comparatively, I’m setting weekly goals but also explaining why they are there. I complete over half of them now.

But setting a why isn’t enough at times. Even though it can be truly inspirational, there is something to actually writing goals and even your why’s down.

For one it’s an odd sensation in this age of technology. But by doing that we see it as something that we can’t pull away from. We’re locked in to that goal and we have to do it.

So write it down, but also type it out in a document too.

Having An Accountability Partner

I’ve mentioned a few times that I have an accountability partner and he’s a great man. I enjoy our interactions, and we get along great. However having someone looking over your shoulder like an accountability partner can help out immensely.

For one it’s a person that genuinely cares about your work and is there for you during the rough times and the great times. Both parties will continue to grow and over time you’ll be able to help one another in many ways outside of just watching their backs.

One of the major problems that I had with when I first started to set goals was there wasn’t anyone to hold me accountable. I had myself but there really wasn’t someone that genuinely cared about my work.

Don’t Make It A Publicity Stunt

I’ve been dancing around this a little bit, but it is definitely worth considering when you are doing goal setting. One of the main reasons I was setting goals, truly, was to get the attention. I’ve written about it before when I realized it.

I found myself saying:

“I worked very hard to get people to care about me, even though they didn’t know me.”

It’s that particular reason I don’t talk about my goals so openly now. I’m letting my work and results be the actual publicity for a change.

When you do that, I find that you’re setting more specific goals as opposed to mixing it up. When I wrote them down in a blog post and talked about them in videos, they were different every month. I wanted to add variety, it was for the sake of entertainment.

Remember, the goals you are setting are for you and you alone. No one else is chasing after your own goals. So unless it’s a really big goal, keep the small baby steps to yourself and hustle hard to achieve that big goal you want!

What Are Some Other Great Goal Setting Tips?

Leave a comment down below!

I hope that this article has helped you further in being in more control of your own life! Leave a green heart and share it if it did!

To your growth!

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