3 Tough But Simple Barriers That Destroy Motivation

We all have our excuses, but they can be overcome.

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This past week and last I’ve been talking about moving from the passenger seat over to the pilot seat. I believe that transition is a sign of control and how to get control and make movement is through the various articles that I’ve written up to this point.

I talked about first finding a purpose in your own life. In essence figuring out your why.

Secondly, was formulating a plan. With your why in mind you can formulate a plan to get you from where you are now to fulfilling that purpose.

Thirdly, was setting goals for yourself. I talked about setting great goals that can allow you to keep on point.

Fourthly, I expanded on more goal setting tips to keep in mind.

Fifthly, I provided a group of people that can propel you forward and keep everything connected.

And finally I’ll be telling you today about setting all of that in motion.

Because The Reality Is…

A lot of people can read positive and inspiring content, but the vast majority of people don’t apply what they learn. We can be in the most inspiring headspace ever, but still not be motivated to take action.

We’ve all experienced that before and there’s many people in that boat.

So take some time to figure out what’s holding you back.

The list is endless but here’s a few of the really common things that can bar people from taking action.

You Compare Yourself To Others

It is our basic human instincts to compare ourselves to other people. It is as natural as eating and breathing. However there are good comparisons as well as negative ones. The issue is whenever we compare ourselves it tends to be in a negative comparison.

We discourage ourselves because we compare what we are doing to someone else’s progress. A co-worker has a side business and it’s doing great while yours is barely off the ground. I get that.

However the thing is that you are you. And your co-worker is your co-worker. You are basically comparing apples and oranges when they are both vastly different.

My point is that your journey is their journey. Even though there may be similar connections, they are two branching paths.

You’re Waiting For Permission Or The Right Moment

Growing up I remember during the summer I spent some time with some friends who have a swimming pool. Almost every time we went swimming I took FOREVER to get into the pool. I was waiting for the right moment because I knew it would be cold.

Often times my childhood friend, who dove into the pool right from the start, would tell me, “Come on Eric dive in!”

And that’s really my advice to you. Take the leap and get into the cold water. Yes it’s cold. Yes you’ll shiver your ass off, but after you start moving it feels great.

In life waiting for the right moment to get in is honestly bullshit. There isn’t a precise timing nor do you need peoples permission to take action. Once you have something, jump at it.

Because sooner or later your time at the pool is up or gets too dark and you have to go. So the sooner you get in and take action, the more time you have to hustle, make some waves, and be ahead of the group.

You Are Creating Fake Busyness For Yourself

In a sense this is taking action to some extent, however the actions that you are doing isn’t propelling you forward. Fake busyness can be making constant minor adjustments, reading dozens of articles or watching a lot of videos that improve yourself.

There comes a point where doing that stuff isn’t going to get you anywhere until you actually try it. Again you can have the most inspiring person in your team encouraging you, but they won’t drag you along. It is entirely up to you to take that motivation and propel yourself forward. Furthermore push yourself to stay motivated when working.

We Create So Many Unusual Barriers For Ourselves It’s Insane

But they can be overcome, even during the times you want to take action. Break out of the planning stage and dive in, learn and grow. When you make mistakes, you get back up, make adjustments and go at it again.

What are some other tips people can keep in mind to take action? Leave a comment down below!

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To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Eric S Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author who focuses on positivity, mindset and growth, sharing his journey through these.

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