5 Clear Signs You Hustle Too Much

In an environment where we’re encouraged to work, it makes sense to work as much as we can. But that’s not always the best thing to do.

Running a business is drastically different than running a day job. We’ve got clients that we need to attract and to talk to. We’re also supposed to be networking with other people, maintaining our social media, and more.

It’s not out of the ordinary these days for entrepreneurs to be expected to do a number of things over the course of the day. As a result, a lot of us can get so immersed in the work that we do that we forget the things that are most important to us.

The biggest being having as sensible of life as we can while running our business.

When we hit those limits varies from person to person. Some people can pull an Elon Musk and work 80+ hours and still have time to have a life. For others, they can manage less.

Whatever your limit is it doesn’t really matter that much. But if you show any of these signs then you are due for a change of pace.

A Drop In Quality

We all hit slumps at various points. Not to mention we always strive to improve ourselves at every opportunity.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re overworking ourselves in those instances.

However, if you do notice a drop in quality from where you were at initially then this could be a sign. And this can apply to many aspects of your life.

From the relationships we have to how we deal with clients to our morning rituals.

When one aspect of our lives takes too much of a priority, many other things get neglected.

And those that are neglected can come back and create problems for us regardless of if it’s people or aspects of our lives.

In terms of the output of our work, it’s hard to say specifically. It depends on what you consider as your best work at your current stage.

Lack Of Emotion

We run businesses ultimately to make money, but we pick the industry and type of business we run because we enjoy it. It’s not out of the ordinary for our businesses to be based on curiosity, interest, or passion.

Which is why it’s a clear sign we’re overworking ourselves when we lack that emotion.

We are creatures of emotion after all.

So any kind of sign that we’re not as emotionally invested in something is a good way of telling.

Another way you can look at this is that we use emotion as fuel. When we feel motivated, we are energized and our attitude is drastically different than when we are drained or overworked.

When we’re overworked, many people express emotions that are counterproductive. They feel frustrated or angry, stressed or exhausted. Some will even go out of their way to avoid their office.

Obviously, we are going to be experiencing those emotions from time to time, but what’s concerning is if this happens on a consistent basis.

It’s at that time where we need to take a breather and rethink our approach.

All Your Goals Revolve Around Your Business

We set goals to work towards that help us to strive to be better people. But they are also a sign of what type of person we are as well.

Specifically what we are prioritizing in our lives.

It’s not a matter of how committed we are because even if we put off our goals, the goals that we’ve set are still on our minds.

So when all of the goals that we set in our lives revolve entirely around our business, it’s clear where our priorities rest. Not to mention what type of person we are.

I’ve learned over the years how crucial it is to set aside some time away from your goals, but also to have other goals that touch on various things in our lives. It’s why I set two big goals this year so I can alternate between the two.

There is more to our lives than the business that we run and it’s important to cherish that.

There’s nothing wrong with having big ambitions for our business and setting goals around it, but it’s one thing to have your entire focus on your business that you ignore everything else.

You Have Nothing Interesting To Say

Every single day we at least talk to one person.

What exactly does that conversation entail?

Of course, work is certainly a topic that gets brought up time and again. However, it starts to border along overworking territory if that is all you are able to talk about and that’s how every conversation goes.

If you can’t get work off of your mind, then it means you’re spending too much time doing it. Simple as that.

You Feel Like You Have No Free Time

When all of your time is devoted to working, it’s easy to slip into the mindset that you have no free time at all. You begin to think that there is no opportunity for you to wind down as there is too much work to do.

This is compounded by the fact that as I mentioned above, we become emotionally drained. From feelings of stress and exhaustion to anger and frustration.

It’s due to these emotions that when we finally get a chance to relax, many people turn to the bottle to relax. And that’s not always the best form of relaxing, especially in these circumstances as more people are bound to drink more when in that state.

We always need some level of free time to ourselves. It’s an opportunity for us to reenergize and stabilize our emotions and attitude. And it’s not something that we should be replacing with more work.

How we choose to work and how much we work is entirely up to us to decide. But always remember it’s key to be working in moderation and to savour the moments that we get to relax and reenergize. Those times — even when it feels like we are doing nothing and feel the urge to do something — are key.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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