5 Great Benefits Of Being An Optimist

It’s a good day to be optimistic.

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But again, optimism in general can be a catalyst for other things too. Like these benefits below.

Stronger Commitment To Goals

It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress. — Jacob, Lost

However it can be used as a powerful tool to succeed eventually in whatever goal they are setting out to do.

More Likely To Achieve Goals

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. — Winston Churchill

More Likely To Feel Satisfied With Life

“Choose to be optimistic, it feels better.” — Dalai Lama XIV

But the key here is the type of goals that are leading to this satisfying life.

Better Dates

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

“We’ll never survive!”
“Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”– William Goldman

This in of itself changes the dynamic of the relationship to a more collaborative relationship.

Take Less Sick Days

“It isn’t all over; everything has not been invented; the human adventure is just beginning.”– Gene Roddenberry


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