5 Strong Points To Think About With Plans And Planning

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A failure to plan is a plan to failure

Whatever way you decide to plan a plan at it’s core should be easy to put together, is brief, and simple to execute.

However I believe there is a little more to planning than just those things. Mind you these things still won’t eat up a lot of time, but I believe they are necessary when it comes to planning.

Acknowledge that things won’t go as planned

Whether it’s a detailed plan or a list of goals, remember not everything will go as predicted. There will be times where your plan will fail or that you won’t hit your goals.

I am not saying to forgo a plan because you’ll fail or that “planning isn’t worth it.” Like I’ve said before failure is part of the process. Instead we should embrace failure and go in with the mindset that even if everything fouls up, you’ll learn something.

Recheck the time it’ll take to launch

One thing I remember about apps is there are thousands of these things. When delving into this industry there is literally an app for that. But one of the characteristics of developing an app is actually that an app is quick to launch. There are even companies who put together an app over the span of a week.

My point is our plans should be similar in the sense that they are quick and easy to follow and will launch in a matter of days or even a week.

Be willing to adjust on the fly

Another thing about apps is that usually upon launching there may be some technical issues. Or the users may react differently to it than anticipated. In those cases updates are required.

What I’m getting at with this is if a massive industry like applications are spitting out products that need to be updated, a plan can work the same way. It again follows the concept of quick to launch.

Aligns with where you want to go

One thing I’ve realized with plans is you need to be willing to put the plan in motion. It’s easy to put together a variety of plans. There are thousands, even millions of plans out there that can help you make millions of dollars. But there’s only a handful that you’ll actually do.

So before you take action on the plan, ask yourself why you are doing this. But also does it align with something that you want to do? Does it align with something that you value as a human being?

Do you have fun with it?

The last one is kind of corny, but I believe it’s important. Especially in cases where a large portion of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. Obviously at a job for a company we stay for a variety of reasons: the wages, the work, the people, or in general the atmosphere.

For me I cared more about the environment than anything else. Like most Millennials I do want to make an impact. However the more important thing to me is am I actually happy with what I’m doing?

A plan in that case, should be something that makes me happy. Even though it’s propelling me forward there are many things in there that make me happy, grateful, and positive. I believe that’s the case with any plan you decide to take action on.

How do you put together plans?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the comment section below!

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