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6 Reasons The SMART Goals System Doesn’t Work

What once was a SMART system has become a seriously flawed and dated system that can’t relate to how people achieve their goals.

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SMART Goals Lack All Kinds Of Emotion

They can be fleeting, but very powerful.

The SMART goal system falls into that same sort of pit where the goal doesn’t have emotions or motivations or even dreams that you’re aspiring for.

SMART Goals Never Consider The Future

Goals Themselves Are Meant To Be Challenging Too

How would that make you feel? Probably excited for a little bit, but eventually those emotions will fade.

Smart Goals Focus Too Much On One Goal

The issue with SMART goals is that they often demand your focus for a period of time. It’s all this system wants you to be focusing on.

SMART Goals Can’t Measure Everything

The SMART goal system only accepts wins and losses. There are no partial points in there.

They Don’t Promote Growth

Set Regular Goals

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