7 Of The Best Things I’ve Learned From Writing On Medium For A Month And A Half

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Since then, I’ve been consistently posting piece after piece with varying results, but also a lot of personal discovery.

It’s for this particular reason why I’d like to share what exactly I’ve been realizing. Despite the multitude of “What I Learned From Daily Posting On Medium” articles on here, I think mine will be refreshing.

Our craft is a reflection of our current reality. Therefore, by writing, we are shifting our views and passing them along to others.

As a result, any kind of personal experiences from these challenges can be considered valuable advice for other writers. Perhaps they can be more effective than the technical advice that is given.

Technical Lesson: Formatting & Editing

As I stated at the very beginning of this challenge, formatting was a thing I kind of did. Editing, however was an even rarer thing.

Those pieces sucked, and I wish I edited them.

This isn’t some regret I’ve been harbouring all these years, no. It’s but a lesson that I needed to learn for myself.

Personal Lesson: Reading Articles

Because I find myself on Medium now every single day, I’ve been finding myself reading more articles.

Technical Lesson: Storytelling vs Sharing Facts

Another thing that I learned from reading articles is more on how to present things in written form. For the longest of times I’ve been wrestling over how I should be writing.

How can I present my voice in the best light possible?

Should I opt for telling stories?

If there is one big thing that I’ve realized is I still have a lot of stories that I can tell.

Like that short story that got me student of the month, that’s something I haven’t openly shared before. I had to pull back from the dredges of my memory for that.

Personal Lesson: Going Out

In Jeff Goins book Real Artists Don’t Starve he says this:

The Starving Artist thinks he can be creative anywhere. The Thriving Artist goes where creative work is already happening.

What this means to me is where you work matters significantly.

Technical Lesson: Mapping The Setup

This writing challenge has also taught me to plan things out ahead.

Personal Lesson: Follow Your Own Path To Success

I love Jon’s piece for today, it explains things perfectly when it comes to being successful.

Personal Lesson: Learn To Adapt

Another thing is to learn to change when necessary.

What This Challenge Has Taught Me

What this challenge has taught me has been extensive. This comes from the overall purpose of this writing challenge to me. This challenge isn’t some way to grow my audience and leave it at that.

This challenge has also been about me growing as a writer.

And I have to admit, I’ve been doing a lot that I didn’t even realize. It’s a nice feeling.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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