7 Unconventional Ways You Can Spread More Positivity In Your Area

The world needs positivity right now and there are better ways to spread it.


There are many things that this pandemic has exposed in both the world and in ourselves.

All across the world, it’s exposed how robust or feeble medical systems are in preparing for something as major as this. Furthermore, it’s exposed all kinds of different people and what their intentions are.

And as the days went by, it’s exposed a lot of problems that many people are struggling with. From things as simple as struggling with positive thinking to more complex things like how people have been treated due to their skin colour.

Both these issues and many others are rising to the surface and it makes me happy that the latter is finally getting addressed and is pushed harder than ever before these days. But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to share some ideas of how you can spread more positivity in simple, yet unconventional ways.

Put Your Artistic Talents To Use

If you’re an artist — with intermediate skill — my first method is to put those talents to use. Whether you are a musician, writer, artist, singer, it doesn’t matter.

There are several ways that you’re able to spread your skills and talents to other people.

If you’re a musician, try playing some music and posting it online. Singers can do the same thing.

Writers can write content or maybe go for something more niche like writing some inspiring and positive words to someone.

Artists can put together small pieces or crafts and offer them to people.

This is only the tip of what artists can do but it’s a way of bringing a community together and doing something that you’re passionate about doing. There is a certain level of happiness to think that your actions could make someone feel better. It’s why I got into writing in the first place.

Check On People

This pandemic has impacted us all in many ways and the degrees vary widely. One big way that you can help out is to…



Eric S Burdon

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