7 Ways To Break Up Your Routine

You can break up your routine without breaking up the good habits you’ve built.

Eric S Burdon
6 min readMar 24, 2021

Work, eat, workout, eat, work, eat, work, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

The cycle of my life is not so different from the lifestyle that every other person typically goes through in their working life.

And it is annoying.

Of course this is something that you have to accept when you’re focused on a specific goal. The purpose of achieving a goal is to develop a set of habits and perform them on repeat for the rest of your life. At least until you hit that milestone or the goal itself.

But there are all kinds of roadblocks that you run into between you and those milestones and goals.

One such roadblock is the fact you’re in a routine. A routine that can slowly become boring, uninteresting, and something you’ll abandon for something that’ll give you way more dopamine.

And finding some alternative isn’t so difficult in a world where everything is stimulating to some degree.

It’s easy to get into that cycle, however there are several ways that you can avoid this. It’s as simple as breaking up that routine and adding just enough variance to it to make it thrilling once more.

1. Try New Approaches

I’ve been working out for about a year at this point and unlike my previous attempts, I’ve found a strategy that works for me.

While there is a laundry list of reasons for me to go to the gym and workout, what’s keeping my attention to do these workouts is this strategy: new approaches.

Working out goes beyond working yourself until you’re dying inside and find some reason to push forward. That’s not going to help you develop a love for working out and a willingness to adopt it to your lifestyle.

Instead, you’ll want to change your mindset around the whole concept and be open to new approaches.

Things like working out initially to build up the muscles to do the exercise properly.

Next, take on the approach of working out to get your brain to use the right muscles when performing a specific…



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