8 Things You Can Be Doing Over Taking The Easy Route

People are always looking for the shortcut but the shortcut is working hard and smart.

As part of my marketing strategy, I’ve been encouraged to join a number of Facebook groups related to my niche. Groups around motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence, entrepreneurship, and so on.

This has caused my feed to be blown up with all kinds of things related to those topics. But between all of these things, I occasionally find the following type of post on my feed (with a touch of exaggeration):

I ChOoSe ThIs GrOuP!

I’ve chosen this group! For the next hour, the people to comment with the special words (I’m a sucker for free money.) will receive $10,000 dollars from me. This is no joke as I’ve chosen this group! Believe it’s 100% real and it starts now! Only 1 hour remaining!

Register here: [arbitrary link]

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Here are some pictures to prove that I and my money are totally real and this isn’t a scam at all. Credit: Pixabay and Flickr

Even though many of us have the knowledge this is a scam, it doesn’t stop me from seeing at least 30+ comments with comments like these.

I’m a sucker for free money.

(I’m a sucker for free money.)

I’m a sucker for free money

I don’t pity these people or anything like that. In any situation, if you were given five or ten thousand dollars or a million with little to no effort involved, most people would say yes to it.

And people like me who say those kinds of methods are all a farse are painted as if they’re crazy.

Confirmation bias can be a nasty thing.

But setting that aside, the fact so many people are commenting around these clear scam/spam content says something about human behaviour.

People are still seriously considering shortcuts where there is little effort involved and insane rewards to be had.

The reason people are considering these methods are numerous, but maybe some of it comes down to they don’t know any other way out of their situation. In that instance, here are some things you can do in any situation where you feel you’re backed into a corner.

Be Resourceful

“You don’t need resources, you need to be resourceful.” — Anonymous

Everything about you is a resource. People use you to get ahead in life, so why not use it for yourself to get ahead too?

Being resourceful isn’t always coming down to knowledge, tools, or people that you know. Resourcefulness can also come from how you use those aspects too.

With so much potential out there, people can come back from nothing or less than nothing and thrive. The question comes down to how resourceful are you to figure a way out of your problem that’s more realistic.

Welcome Pain And Manage It

It’s an instinct that as soon as a solution presents itself we jump at the opportunity with little thought. Before I took my writing seriously, I was “involved” in a number of money-making possibilities.

I have involved in air quotes because while I joined, I wasn’t putting in any work.

Instead, I joined to mask the pain that I had no money and no consistent method to make it. I was attracted to the idea that I didn’t have to put much effort to get paid.

If I was in the same position back then at this moment, I wouldn’t be too different from those commenters.

What that experience taught me was that you have to focus, but more importantly, learn to welcome pain. This isn’t something that can be done easily as we naturally want to protect ourselves.

By training yourself to settle with some painful facts, you’re able to learn to manage it better. You’ll come up with a frame of mind to build up a tolerance for those kinds of things. And it is then when you realize that pain is part of your growth.

I honed in on my writing and strived to make it my own. To this day, I hardly ever branch off from other things. At least not until I’m in a position that I’m satisfied with.

Identify Your Problem And Focus On It

With all of those commenters, the problem can be described as a money problem for any onlooker. But I know that the problem isn’t that clear. It’s specific.

Getting people to comment (or perform some other action) isn’t so different from getting people to buy something.

You don’t buy a power drill in order to have one. You buy a power drill to drill a hole for a shelving unit or to hang a picture.

You don’t go to a gym because you love spending money getting fit when there are several free alternatives. You go there for the community, to focus on your training, see better results and commit to your fitness routine.

A problem has many options to choose from and they often cover several needs of a person beyond the most obvious one. The important thing here is to identify all of your problems and to spend time looking for the best kind of solutions to cover those problems.

For example, right now, I have some slight money problems. But upon looking more at the problem, I’ve also realized I have a productivity problem. I’ve been spending too much time on smaller things that don’t make as big of an impact on my problem.

By focusing on the real problems, you’ll find better solutions that overlap your problems. For example, by prioritizing the areas that are making me more money, I’m not feeling as drained or exhausted as before.

I feel a higher sense of productivity as I’m prioritizing the areas that are moving the needle the most in my life.

Look For Support

Whenever you feel stuck, it’s okay to lean on your support network — your friends and family. Even strangers can have some things to say that can add unique perspectives.

The only way that you can tap into that is to get out and ask a question or ask for advice. In some cases, it may be having a conversation with someone while not outlining your problem.

Having another pair of eyes to look over your own problems and to give feedback or words of wisdom can save you plenty of time and energy chasing after something that could be a waste of time. It can also save you time from worrying or doubting yourself about certain aspects too.

Take A Breather And Walk Away

In most situations, a problem allows you the time to rest and walk away from it. Unless you are pressured into making a certain action right at this moment, you can walk away from it with no pressure at all.

As soon as spiked emotions get involved, your decision-making process gets impaired. It’s these spiked emotions that lead to regrets or buyers' remorse.

To avoid making bad decisions, remind yourself that you can walk away from most decisions. During those times, use it to calm your emotions and think things through on a rational and logical level.

Take Better Control Over Dopamine & Gratification

Both dopamine and getting gratification for something are in abundance in people’s lives. We get dopamine from checking our phones on a regular basis and social media hooks us to keep checking back with lots of notifications.

It’s gotten so bad over the years that we check instinctively, even if we know there aren’t any notifications since it’s only been two or three minutes.

Beyond that, many people are indulging in instant gratification. Why bother working hard to be a millionaire when you get loans from the bank to make you seem like a millionaire?

The Millionaire Next Door is one of my favourite books because it points out why people think millionaires are so lavish and why that way of thinking is way off.

But it also shows the appeal of instant gratification, why it’s so addictive and dangerous for people.

While the book doesn’t offer specific advice on handling that way of thinking, my suggestion is to know when those are influencing your behaviour and work to manage that behaviour in the future.

What’s helped me in the past is to put myself in the mindset that things will take time to grow and build up. Remind yourself that challenges will take time and you won’t reach the top in an instant. You can still be working smart and efficiently of course, but this will ensure you don’t burn out mid-way through your progress.

Your obstacles are like marathons. There is no one out there in the real world who can run as fast as the speed of light. Marathons are going to be long and you’ll have to learn to pace yourself.

By getting into this headspace, it allows you to better focus on the path ahead and what needs to be done. At the same time, it weakens the allure of instant gratification and dopamine. You see them as actual rewards rather than something you need to have all of the time.

Look For A Better Mentor

Whether you believe in having a mentor or not, your way of thinking is reliant on the people you spend your time with. This applies to people on the internet and in real life.

Even if this person plays a brief role in your life — like the guy or gal posting that spammy post on Facebook — they’re still influencing you in some way. It can also mean that the people around you aren’t all that different and have directed you towards the lifestyle you now have in some way.

Instead of looking at those kinds of opportunities, why not go a different route entirely and find better influences in your life? Why not ditch that group or look for other content that has more sound advice?

How about looking at your network and spend time building stronger bonds with people who have made it to a higher level. A level that you want to achieve.

Finding someone who can move you, has something that you want, and is on a similar path as you is more valuable than someone outside of your area.

Shift From Scarcity To Abundance

Another mindset tip to help you out is to focus less on scarcity and more on abundance. If you have money problems don’t ask yourself “why can’t I make money?” instead, “how can I make more money?”

It’s easy for us to cling to the lacks in life and think in that fashion but you want to be shifting that to some degree. It’s all about the careful wording of what you tell yourself as each question prompts different reactions and pathways of thinking.

Abundance thinking for me isn’t the thought that you have everything that you could ever want in life or that you already have everything. Instead, it’s about a lot of something being available to those who are willing to go out and seek it.

You still need to put in the effort, but the belief that there is a lot of something out there can push you to find solutions to get you there.

The Greatest Shortcut Is To Act

I remember at one of my network marketing events I attended to, the speaker said this:

“People are always looking for the shortcut but the shortcut is working hard and smart.”

Many people are looking for the shortest possible route, but the reality is true and genuine growth stems from working a system and working at it hard. It means accepting pain and learning to manage it while still working away.

You’ll have some snags in life, but if you’ve been going at this route long enough and realize what it takes, you’ll find it smarter and faster to go for this route than to buy into whatever that guy on Facebook is trying to sell to a bunch of people.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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