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Habits are formed with consistent practice, but it takes certain qualities to be consistent in the first place.

It’s been over a year ago since I attended the local gym in my town and thinking back to the times before this pandemic hit, I recall various individuals. Of course, I remember the small crew of people who have been showing consistently since the club has been opened. But I distinctly remember another individual.

At the time, he was talking at the time how he has attended the gym consistently for over 1,000 days — marking a three year record since he’s shown up. …

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What once was a SMART system has become a seriously flawed and dated system that can’t relate to how people achieve their goals.

The SMART Goals system was one of the first subjects that I was exposed to when I first entered the self-improvement world. It was back in high school before I ever thought of running my own business or becoming a self-improvement writer obsessed with goals and goal setting.

In one of my classes, I was taught about this amazing goal-setting system called SMART goals. Little did I know that the first time I heard it, I’d be hearing about it constantly from that point forward, along with many other people out there.

Despite hearing about this system so often to the point it’s driving me insane, I can’t blame people for talking about this system and using this system. …

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Start creating systems for your habits and use them until you do them without thinking.

If it wasn’t for a pandemic sweeping the nation, the end of this month would mark the 12th month I’ve been going to the gym three days per week consistently.

It’s been a massive feat for myself as up to this point it’s been difficult for me to consistently do anything with regards to my health for this long of a time. The previous time I rearranged my life habits to improve my health stemmed from a health challenge I took a few years ago. The challenge spanned six weeks.

Between these two experiences, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to build consistent habits in any area of life. All that you need to do is build a solid system of habits. …

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Don’t set resolutions, set intentions.

One week of the 2021 has come and gone already and I’m guessing most people who are reading this have given up on their resolutions. That or they’re seriously contemplating on dropping them all together.

I understand what you are going through. There’s been a lot of things going on. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic with a vaccine being issued to the public in Spring. There is also political turmoil in America. Or maybe you’ve been down this road time and time again and you feel like nothing is changing.

I’ve been there before.

I too used to set resolutions for myself and pump myself up every day telling…

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Dwelling on pain can bring, healing, growth, and change.

The past few days in America marked historical events. Georgia flipping colours and choosing Democrats to have a majority in the senate…

Followed immediately by Capitol Hill getting marched on by pro-Trump supporters after one of Trump’s rallies.

Even though I’m not American, there is still a lot of horror, shock and concern around all this that I’m experiencing. And yet, I’m not surprised at all that this would happen.

Trump has been building a cult for four long years with hundreds of others in positions of power and influence clinging to him and spouting the same sort of message. …

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From working out, I learned to focus on my core habits. It changed my life and it can help you too.

Recently, one of my cousins and her husband started working together as a pair. Last year was a big year for them mentally as they discovered new faith, grew closer as a couple and a family, and are now pursuing different careers.

But it only took them one training session to realize that a quarter of a way in, they were not prepared. Their legs felt like jelly and they couldn’t get through it at all.

It was a realization for them but a reminder for me. I started getting back into shape in late January 2020. And while I didn’t drive myself into sheer exhaustion, I was taking baby steps with the weight and overall difficulty of the workouts. …

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Nor will work for anyone in a serious capacity.

“The Secret is a fantastic book. You should read it. It’ll change everything about how you think.”

I was chatting in a conference room filled with excited women and a handful of men after a presentation where we were told we can live our dream life. All we had to do was sell beauty products. Even though I wasn’t big on beauty products — even though these ones were designed to be healthy for you — I did like the prospect of money and living on my own terms.

Adrenaline was pumping through me and throughout that entire time, I got all kinds of advice, a bit of guidance and engaging conversations. I nodded when I was told about this book “The Secret” and thought about picking up that book. …

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Goodbye 2020, you’ve taught me something despite the hardships.

2020 was a year that none of us expected, that none of us could’ve adequately prepared for. A global pandemic that shook the very foundation of how we live our lives. Since then, everything has changed. Was forced to change.

But despite the harsh reality, we’ve all persisted in our own way. We’ve made big sacrifices through this year. But now, it is behind us. And we have new opportunities ahead of us to grow and develop ourselves.

My overall thoughts for 2020 is that it was a disaster year. But through all of that pain and loss, there was also growth and realizations. …

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Sometimes, the way that you think is what’s stopping you from growing as a freelancer.

Freelance myths are something that every freelancer has to get over when they first get into the industry. Usually, when you tell people that you’re thinking about freelancing, you get three kinds of responses:

  • That person expresses their envy of you.
  • That person talks about that they thought of it once but haven’t acted on it.
  • Or they start talking to you about some of those freelance myths and misconceptions around freelancing.

While there are definitely perks to freelancing that a typical day job won’t enjoy, it’s not an easy spot to be in. …

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During a time where everything changed, maybe Christmas traditions should change too.

Christmas traditions are dime a dozen and range from things that people look forward to every year while others are ones people dread. For me, I’m kind of in the latter camp as it’s tradition for my family to watch the live-action of How The Grinch Stole Christmas (The one featuring Jim Carry). Why I say kind of is that the movie is tolerable to watch once per year, though I’d rather watch something else.

You know, as a way to break tradition.

And this tradition breaking I’m all for. After all, change is an important aspect of life and some traditions don’t make much sense any longer. On top of the fact that there is a pandemic going around, not many people have the chance to enjoy Christmas in December as they would normally. So in spirit of that, I wanted to give you some ideas for how you can break traditions. …


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