Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels. Editing done with the magic of Canva.

On October 30th, Dave Hollis woke up bright and early, went to his “patio of peace” and for the next two hours ranted and raved about his book, stressed that it was only $18, spoke down to his followers, lashed out at his kids, and had several meltdowns.

Was it…

Credit: Biography Mask & Youtube. Filtering & editing are done with the magic of Canva.

In the opening of David Colarossi Ph.D.’s two-part video (Part 1, Part 2) he shared clips of Dave Hollis’s two-hour Instagram Live session and from those clips alone I could tell that it was cringy.

The fact he rambled on for two whole hours about his book.

Stressed that it…

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