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We use them all the time. But not all the time for skill mastery.

One of the biggest differences between the professionals and amateurs in any skill-based field is the presence of a feedback loop. We don’t often see these things as they work in the background. However, their power shouldn’t be underestimated. Without these sorts of mechanics, we’ll ultimately repeat the same tactics repeatedly with no benefit to our future.

But some of the most exceptional people in the world don’t simply accept these mechanics. They learn to leverage them and use them as a springboard to grow their skills faster. …

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An analysis of Robert Kiyosaki’s advice and why following only that won’t lead to a prosperous financial future.

Me: “It’s all about how you frame it. I don’t tell myself ‘I can’t afford it.’ Instead, I tell myself ‘how can I afford it eventually?’”

“That’s from Robert Kiyosaki. Did you read his book?”

Me: “Yes, several years ago, and you?”


This was an exchange I had with one of the personal trainers at the local gym I go to every weekday. After a particularly long workout, I lingered around and spoke to him and we had an interesting conversation about all kinds of things.

Like myself, he is aspiring to make a business of his own and…

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Human potential told by quotes from one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy research.

Being in the self-improvement world, I’ve come to learn that there are two core types of people.

There are people who listen to those with a tremendous amount of following. People like Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, and Bob Proctor come to mind.

Then there are people who listen to those that aren’t as well known but have done phenomenal work.

One of these obscure individuals that I’ve come across is a man called Carl Rogers. …

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To live a life with more purpose, following these rules will set you up for a better life.

There is ultimately no specific way for someone to be living their life. But if there is one thing that we can all agree upon is that there are many rules to how society thinks we should be living our lives.

These are unspoken norms that dictate how the vast majority of us think.

Some of these particular rules are questionable ones, (like how women have to be prim and proper or men expressing emotions like sadness is a big no-no) however there are some genuinely good ones underneath that are good to know.

These are spoken about amongst those…

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Life perspective from someone who inspires people every single day.

5 years ago, I met an incredible man who popped up on my Facebook feed one day. It was a video where the man was talking about “the millennial problem” and how it’s not really much of our problem.

Rather it was the way that we were raised, old ways of thinking, and the overall environment we were given that was wrong.

He talked about the fact millennials were coddled as children. We were told we were all winners despite ending up in last place in a race.

He talked about social media has made instant gratification more prominent in…

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Without having to adopt the minimalist lifestyle.

There are thousands of thoughts that run through our mind every single day, but I’m betting one of them that doesn’t come to mind is how much waste we are creating every single day. As unusual weather occurrences keep occurring, we can’t have the same sort of attitude as one of the gym members statement they made to me a few weeks ago.

It was late January when New Brunswick was hit by their first major snow storm. I mentioned to a member how relieved I am that it’s actually snowing out. …

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Lessons are everywhere. Even in a deadly pandemic.

It’s been over a year now since COVID-19 has hit and that we were forced to change our lifestyles. And through those changes, there have been several COVID-19 lessons to be learned. Some of them focus on our overall societal systems — particularly our health care, entrepreneurial, and financial systems.

Others though are ones that can ultimately make us into better people.

Because while those systems and many others have strained, many of them have revealed plenty of problems with how we overall think. …

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Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

You don’t have to constantly overwork yourself to get amazing results.

Yesterday was my weekly meeting with my marketing team to get updates on what’s happening and what sort of plans we all have. As usual it was nice and productive, however one of the members couldn’t make it to the meeting yesterday due to a sudden illness.

This member in particular is highly sensitive to drastic shifts in temperature and where she’s from the temperature has been shifting a lot due to it raining on and off.

For the past month, this has been the case for her where she ends up getting sick and having to take time off…

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Your true self is always ahead of who you are right now. Knowing who they are can lead you to know yourself and growing further.

Your true self is a wonderful being that continues to change and grow as you change and grow. This was something that I learned a few years ago when watching a goal cast video where academy award winner Matthew McConaughey dropped this gem about who his hero is.

Even though he knows that he’ll never be able to catch up to his hero, there is always a reason out there for him to keep chasing it. …

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Putting yourself at the end of a joke has its advantages.

Laughter is one of the most powerful emotions. It’s a burst of happiness and provides a number of health benefits. But there are still other ways where you can gain more from laughing. That is laughing at your own expense.

Even though your mistakes in the past were bigger at the time, those events can have more comedic twists to them as time moves on. And it’s recalling those kinds of events where cracking a self-deprecating joke could have several benefits for you.

Boosts Emotional Well-Being

A recent study that was published in “Psychology and Individual Differences” found that people who routinely poke…

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