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Coinbase is going places.

Wednesday, April 14th marked a historic event in the cryptocurrency world. Coinbase — a cryptocurrency exchange — became the first of its kind to become a publicly traded company.

The decision came at an opportune time as the valuation of Coinbase jumped from $1.6 billion to $90 billion in the span of 4 years. The timing of it going public is huge since it’s also around the time where many other large businesses are diving into cryptocurrency at the time.

While I’m still apprehensive about the idea of people investing in Bitcoin in particular, I’m not against the idea of…

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You need a better direction in your life.

The more you get older, the more tempting it is to ask a certain question:

If you could go back and change a decision you’ve made what would it be?

We’ve made thousands of mistakes in the span of a year let alone a decade. Some of them are minor things while others could’ve altered our very way of life.

To go back in time with the knowledge and experience that we have now, it’s obvious that we’d wish for an opportunity like this to emerge. Or to spend time thinking about the possibility.

As comforting of a question that…

The journey is a long road, but it’s filled with glorious memories and moments.

We go on weight loss journeys all the time. For some it’s something that happens every year with new years resolutions. Others, it’s something we decide out of nowhere.

The degrees of commitment vary from person to person, hinging the most on where we are in life health-wise. But over time, the more you keep working away at this goal, the more that the following quotes are relatable to you.

The first time I started to care about my health somewhat was when I was 13. Back then, I wasn’t overly committed to working out or exercising or dieting. …

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Progress is the big and the small things that make us move.

One of the things I’m grateful for of my weight loss journey is that every day I get to notice something different and good about myself. It’s gotten me to look at some other aspects of myself that are growing beyond the number that’s been on the scale.

It’s something that I’ve been doing a lot lately considering the fact that my weight hasn’t been changing all that much despite higher levels of protein and calories.

I know for myself that I’ll need to be making more changes to my health if I’m looking to be losing more weight. …

Persistence comes at a price.

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In the self-improvement world, we are big on persistence. If things aren’t working out, you just need to work the system. Keep trying out new things. Experiment.

Eventually, you’re going to find your groove, build that business or audience or whatever you need to succeed.

We point to all kinds of brilliant people who have persisted through grim circumstances.

Steve Jobs.

Oprah Winfrey.

JK Rowling.

Thomas Edison.

Albert Einstein.

We rally around these figures and get inspired by these individuals to persist through our own problems. And that’s a good thing.

But what if — for a moment — we…

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But it is afterwards if you do this…

One of my high school classmates is a Medium. She isn’t the type that you’d see on television “communicating” with the dead or anything like that. Her predictions are tame too— such as predicting when we’re going to be hitting specific zones in the pandemic.

But one thing she posted recently was something about the slight disconnect that people seem to have with manifesting things in their life.

Self-improvement gurus are quick to be telling us that we can attract the life that we want to lead. …

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And that many people are going to be devastated by it.

Like so many people in the Bitcoin investing game right now, I got into it with a particular mindset. Fueled by the belief that our current money system needed a dramatic change and that a digitalized currency was the answer to all of the problems.

I was broke and looking for a quick way to be making money and the only possible solution for me was to be looking into how I can get my hands on Bitcoin.

After all, it was going to be the next big thing right? …

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No matter how slight, a decision does alter the trajectory of your life.

One of my high school classmates is both a medium and one who works in a barbershop as a receptionist downtown. Ever since she was a teenager, she started to understand more of how the Universe works.

She started to see the various energies surrounding individuals and for her, she was able to manifest it.

Her strategy isn’t like what Rhonda Byrne prattles on in her book The Secret. Though it’s still following the same principles of the Law of Attraction.

One other aspect about my classmate is that she is also involved in film and through her day job…

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You can break up your routine without breaking up the good habits you’ve built.

Work, eat, workout, eat, work, eat, work, sleep. Rinse and repeat.

The cycle of my life is not so different from the lifestyle that every other person typically goes through in their working life.

And it is annoying.

Of course this is something that you have to accept when you’re focused on a specific goal. The purpose of achieving a goal is to develop a set of habits and perform them on repeat for the rest of your life. At least until you hit that milestone or the goal itself.

But there are all kinds of roadblocks that you run…

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An editor is a fantastic writer if they use the tools they learn in writing.

As a writer, it’s somewhat expected for one to be editing their own work. You look at your lines, make sure everything flows together, everything is spelled properly, and that you’re conveying the right kind of message.

To this day, my editing skills aren’t used much. I have a handful of rules that I stick to when I get to writing and I ensure the document looks alright before publishing.

And that is probably the case for most other writers.

But all of that tends to change when a fellow writer or someone else asks you to look over their…

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