One of the reasons I’ve been hesitant in making any online courses is the worry of making a shitty one. One where the information is so obvious that it’s not worth it to pay the meagre fee for.

After all, the internet is a place with a tonne of free information available. People can freely check that out with no worries.

Even so, courses are still a massive moneymaker for people and courses are still heavily pushed. I see plenty on my Facebook feed featuring Tai Lopez. Or some social media marketer pushing their latest course.

This isn’t to say…

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It’s hard, but these methods make it impossible.

Money has been a point of contention for me. It isn’t so much that I’m poor with money but rather the decisions I’ve made in my life have led to little money earned.

I’m someone who is firmly against the concept of Bitcoin or the way that cryptocurrency is treated lately. This leads me to no other option than employing all kinds of other money-making tactics.

At this point in time though, I haven’t bothered about selling books, courses, and solely rely on little earnings on this platform and my freelance work.

I am still making some efforts towards those…

Thoughts on additional requirements for COVID safety.

The provincial government recently announced that by Wednesday, many facilities are going to require proof of vaccination. These sorts of restrictions are going to be implemented broadly across Canada in the coming week.

At the end of the day, the only option unvaccinated individuals will be able to do is visit the grocery store. Even then, they may have to resource to having a personal shopper do the shopping and they pick it up in the parking lot in their car.

Going down to the States, Joe Biden is putting in place further restrictions and guidelines for businesses to follow…

The signs have been obvious for a long time of course.

Spend enough time in an industry and you learn the good and the ugly about it. For me, the ugly aspects I’ve been aware of for a long time. I wrote in May 2020 about a former mentor being a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

All the while she was still positioning herself as a life coach, sharing insights on living a better life as well and “exposing” industry frauds.

I had another former mentor who has been making anti-vaccination posts as well. My response has been pretty simple about all of that too.

There is also the recent case with Shannon…

Before it becomes absolutely pointless, you make massive sacrifices and you waste more time than before.

Productivity or optimization of your life is one of those pain points in the self improvement industry that I find unusual, and often hypocritical.

Let’s write an article on how you can boost productivity to our readers. From there, they’re going to waste more time reading our article while learning how to be more productive. It’ll be great! 👍

Sure. It’ll definitely do that. 🙃

But what’s worse in those kinds of articles are the productivity methods that these articles talk about.

In some cases, they only apply to a particular group of people. For others, the advice isn’t even…

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Why we’ve stopped caring and how we can start caring again.

A few days ago, I got into a cab and had a lively conversation with my cab driver on a number of things. A number of things stood out to me though about the whole conversation.

One of which was this:

“If you care about something you’ll be wholly invested in getting it done or seeing it through.”

This was in regards to Canadians uncovering that over 200 graves contained the remains of Native American children. The school that was there was the largest indigenous school in Canada.

As a result of this discovery, Prime Minister Trudeau declared a cancellation…

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And witty answers to go with them.

Ever since Quora has opened up with its latest monetization program, I’ve been getting into the habit of using the platform more often, taking more time out of my day to be answering various questions that I get requests for.

But one thing that I’ve noticed more lately is the number of oddly hilarious questions that I get requested to answer lately.

Before the monetization program came out, I occasionally got some unusual questions. However, the frequency has jumped significantly. Whether it’s from the fact I’m answering more or it’s Quora trying to incentivize people to answer more questions I…

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We’re tired of the nonsense you’ve been spouting.

At this stage in the pandemic, a little over 40% of the world population has gotten at least one shot of the vaccine with the number still climbing as more people are being encouraged to get their shots.

I know that not every single person in the world is going to be getting these shots.

Some people are immuno-compromised and simply can’t get these shots at all.

There are people who have a natural phobia of needles. Phobia is phobia and it’s not something that can just be dismissed.

There are some who have been screwed over by the medical…

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Having a meaningful conversation every week with someone is not only helpful but has a surprising amount of benefits.

One of the many virtues of self-improvement is positive reinforcement. When people think about positive things to be practicing in life, it’s only natural for this industry to default to tactics that we’ve used time and time again.


Showing gratitude.

Doing acts of kindness.

Volunteer work.



Treating yourself to a good meal.

All good ideas that don’t sound half bad on paper.

But as I was asked that question on Quora recently, I got to thinking to myself about what kind of positive things that I do.

Even though I’m part of the self-improvement industry, most of…

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Negativity is an easier emotion to project and to spread than compassion, empathy or any other positive emotion.

At the time of writing this, one of my colleagues is being dragged through hell and back over something that you would naturally do when stuck in her situation.

Her name is Shannon Ashley and she is currently suffering from lipedema — now lipo-lymphedema. It’s a condition that has plagued her since her teenage years where excess fat is collected in the legs, buttocks, calf areas and sometimes the arms.

Due to this condition — which affects 1 in 9 women in the US alone — traditional methods of weight loss can’t work for Shannon. …

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