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A: Having a network of people you can depend on.

My entrepreneur friend asked me recently:

While this is a terrible question to be asking yourself, I was able to put more focus on the issues I have with my life and think about what could be changed.

In most of these types of situations, people dwell on the lack of money and how it restricts them.

But when you look past that, you can realize other areas of your life that could be improved on.

Of course, this list is long, constantly changing and neverending.

But one aspect that can slip…

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Unconventional, but effective.

When you think of the various entrepreneurs who’ve “made it”, they tend to offer bland advice.

You need to have grit.

You need to be setting goals, milestones, or building systems.

You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time.

But the more you look at these kinds of pieces of advice, the more they don’t make much sense.

Having grit — or the ability to persist — feels more like a privilege or luxury for some people.

Sure setting goals, milestones, or build habit systems are decent things to do, but where do you start?


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If it’s success you’re looking for, try this.

Despite where I’m at in my life, I still consider myself a successful individual. I’m staying alive, fed, with a roof over my head, and I’m free to do whatever I like in my life.

Everyone’s version of success is different of course, however, the road to all of our success follows a really basic and easy-to-follow pattern. Regardless of you trying to live a humbling, simple life or making millions, the path to achieving success and almost anything in life comes down to these steps.

Have Goals (Ideally Written Down)

As much as people say to-do lists and goal setting don’t work their arguments…

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Motivation keeps you going, but self-discipline keeps you growing.

There are several qualities that push people to success. Social skills, networking skills, amongst others. But the most prominent one of them all is self-discipline.

It’s the motivation that keeps you moving forward and also growing in that area. It’s that drive to improve and is connected to a core aspect of who you are.

It’s this underlying aspect that has led to many people succeeding in life and is a skill that we all strive to one day have and master.

But how does one even obtain this skill?

Well, here are some ways that I’ve discovered on my…

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Committing your goals from head to paper makes you more likely to succeed.

These shoes are fine. We can always sell them later. I can always sell them later.

These were the words my cousin said yesterday when I told him I was going to throw out two pairs of worn down shoes. He recently purchased some new shoes and had no need for the older pair (a pair he’s had for at least four years at this point).

There was also another pair that have been here for a year and haven’t been worn.

It only seemed logical to be throwing them out. …

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Your goals can be achieved faster with a bit of patience and mindset shift.

One of the key strategies to sticking with a goal is to be training your mind to fall in love with the journey rather than the end result. While that’s a good piece of advice, that simple mindset shift can cause a problem.

What if during your journey, your progress stops suddenly. Or maybe you are so close to achieving your goal you need something to work out for you.

The excitement of achieving a goal — whether it’s big or small — can be overwhelming in those moments and during those times we can get impatient. …

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One in five side hustles fail in their first year and half of those make it past year five. Here is how to make it past year five.

One of my entrepreneur friends is the type of guy to come up with all kinds of ideas. He enjoys sending me bits of information on all kinds of different topics and on occasion, we talk about business, what we’ve been up to, and other thoughts that cross through our minds.

Recently, the topic of banding together to form a business emerged and it’s an idea that I’d certainly entertain at some point. After a time where our core businesses have become profitable enough we don’t need to rely on government programs to stay afloat.

On paper, it’s a great…

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No talent is necessary to master these skills.

Skills. Everyone has them and they all take us to widely different places depending on how good or bad we are at them.

But out of the thousands of possible skills available to people, these are some of them that demand immediate respect from the people that can pull these off well. Learn how to use these skills effectively and you can earn the respect of anyone over time.

Best of all, they don’t require much skill to master them.

Being On Time

My dad is a master at this skill and it bugs him a lot when people don’t show up on…

This pandemic has been traumatic for all of us. We simply don’t realize it yet

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Even though COVID itself has impacted a small percentage of the world population, the subsequent restrictions that countries have placed on the people has been massive. While these things are designed to keep us safe and protected from an infectious disease, COVID hasn’t really been the biggest threat throughout this pandemic.

Yes, COVID has revealed a lot about our systems, our health, and more. However, the true battle in all this is our own selves. Our own mentality.

For example, you can see the vaccine rollout as an amazing relief at long last. However you can also see it as…

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Coinbase is going places.

Wednesday, April 14th marked a historic event in the cryptocurrency world. Coinbase — a cryptocurrency exchange — became the first of its kind to become a publicly traded company.

The decision came at an opportune time as the valuation of Coinbase jumped from $1.6 billion to $90 billion in the span of 4 years. The timing of it going public is huge since it’s also around the time where many other large businesses are diving into cryptocurrency at the time.

While I’m still apprehensive about the idea of people investing in Bitcoin in particular, I’m not against the idea of…

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