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There is more to your life than just work.

Heading into June, I had this expectation of myself after having a month where I was sorting out what I wanted to work on and what to move past.

With renewed focus, I could easily:

It all seems so simple. However, we’re halfway through the month and it’s been a struggle to reach this level of productivity.

There have been periods where my motivation is low, dealing with constant distractions…

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Habits can become easier with the right mindset.

There are always those handfuls of habits that you know are good for you but you can never seem to find the time to do them. While that fact can be attributed to any habit out there, the most common I find is working out.

Specifically going to a gym.

Even before this pandemic, people have been burning money on gym memberships that they don’t use and seem to never have the time to go to the gym.

It’s a real problem because that indifference is an attitude that can seep into other aspects of your life.

You can stop…

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Without a vision, there is no direction. Without a goal, there is no hope of success.

At the time of writing this, I have seven more sessions with my personal trainer. After working out with him and learning more about how my muscles work, getting stronger and healthier in the process, I’m reflecting on my time with him.

And one part of this reflection is whether I hit the goals that I set out to do in the first place.

While that answer is no, the question made me realize how much that goal was set on the back burner.

It’s only a weight loss goal, but for the past few months it felt like I…

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Finding motivation doesn’t need to involve pep talks from other people while sitting in a crowd.

In the US alone, Americans spend nearly $2 billion per year on motivational speakers. It’s easy to see why that is when you consider how some of the top speakers present themselves and how others describe them.

Spend any amount of time in a network marketing group and they’ll talk about how the company does a massive gathering somewhere with thousands of people screaming, clapping, cheering and filled with positive energy.

People like Tony Robbins pack massive theaters for people to learn about his “sage” advice.

But regardless of the hype that these bring, they end up with the same…

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It’s better to normalize listening to people rather than consoling people by telling people about your story.

Have you ever had a discussion that goes something like this:

Your friend is feeling down and out of your concern you ask them what’s wrong.

Your friend then begins to tell you the problem that they’re dealing with and you immediately reply like…

“Oh yeah I can relate to what you’re going through. It’s just like…”

You then spend the next several minutes talking about what you did to handle your problem. Your friend nods and listens out of politeness but doesn’t share any more details about their problem.

Whether it’s you or someone else, we’ve seen this behaviour…

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And how to make them less daunting and surmountable.

Not all goals are created equally. Some of them require minimal effort to complete while others are genuinely difficult.

But one thing that’s important to know about goals is that difficulty is subjective. What might be a simple task for one person can be daunting and challenging for another.

For example, look at the goal of working out on a daily basis. For me, this isn’t much of an issue as I spend time at the gym on weekdays, clean on Saturdays, and try to do some other physical activity Sundays.

I can’t say the same for my roommate who…

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From design flaws to how this coin is treated, everything about Bitcoin is a cause to be alarmed.

In the late 90s, a group comprised of bankers and Silicon Valley venture capitalists created a bubble around the emerging trend of the internet and websites. Using phrases like “monetizing eyeballs,” “stickiness” and “B2C”, these buzzwords were used to justify the insane valuation of various internet companies.

Because of their massive credibility and people’s own FOMO, these small-time investors put all their lifesaving into various internet companies. They kept their faith until that bubble popped and they lost everything.

This was the bubble.

Individuals from Wall Street, VCs, CEOs, and bankers had made millions off of small-time investors and…

How to make a life-defining decision slightly easier.

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At 16 years old, I decided to become an accountant. I was excited to be pursuing this career path and believed at that point in time that this was going to be my life from now on.

Between balancing books and preparing statements, I’d be making insane amounts of money, own a massive house, and have a wealth of time to do various activities.

As an adult, I know how naive that way of thinking is at this point, however, there are still people who cling to that way of thinking to a degree.

Particularly in the aspect that your…

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A: Having a network of people you can depend on.

My entrepreneur friend asked me recently:

Are you happy with your life right now?

While this is a terrible question to be asking yourself, I was able to put more focus on the issues I have with my life and think about what could be changed.

In most of these types of situations, people dwell on the lack of money and how it restricts them.

But when you look past that, you can realize other areas of your life that could be improved on.

Of course, this list is long, constantly changing and neverending.

But one aspect that can slip…

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Unconventional, but effective.

When you think of the various entrepreneurs who’ve “made it”, they tend to offer bland advice.

You need to have grit.

You need to be setting goals, milestones, or building systems.

You’ve got to be in the right place at the right time.

But the more you look at these kinds of pieces of advice, the more they don’t make much sense.

Having grit — or the ability to persist — feels more like a privilege or luxury for some people.

Sure setting goals, milestones, or build habit systems are decent things to do, but where do you start?


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