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As originally posted on my blog here.

Yesterday I got roped in by my cousin into playing a prerelease tournament of the latest Magic The Gathering set. Well not really. I choose to play in it. But I never really expected a blast from the past from this tournament.

For one I’ve only been dipping my toe into Magic again, but what was refreshing was my first opponent from this tournament. It was a man that I used to go to church with. When that was a place I actually went to.

I was thrown off a little by the fact he had a beard. But that’s what happens when you don’t see someone for over ten years.

We chatted and caught up with where we are in our lives and we had an interesting conversation at the end after the tournament…

We Talked About The Past

He complimented me on the fact I’m sharing my past and writing it in a book to share with other people. It helps a lot for other people when you share your own story. But one element that I talk about in the book is the fact that when looking back at your past can be troubling.

For a lot of people the past is something that they struggle to let go, or even identify. In my book I realize through writing it that who I associated with determined so much about my social skills. The fact my high school friends had familial issues and didn’t talk about it was one thing. The fact they also pushed other people away put emphasis on the sort of “lone wolf” mentality too.

I don’t blame my friends for that, after all I didn’t do much to help them. I simply existed in the group. But the power of association prompted that lifestyle.

My Point Is Though…

To not beat yourself up about that fact. As I’ve mentioned in articles and my book, the past is the past. It doesn’t define who you will be.

So many people use it as a source to beat themselves up. Or worse berate themselves. That realization I mentioned above is something I am personally grateful for. Others would say it was stupid of them that it took them this long to figure that out.

But my former church goer had something interesting to say from that.

He said.

This Is Your First Kick At The Can Of Life.

And he is absolutely right.

What this means is that we are not experts at life. Absolutely no one knows how to live this thing called life! There isn’t any special guide or special formula or anything like that.

You have a single kick.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

What this also means is to not worry so much about the little mistakes in life. Again every person has one kick. It doesn’t sound like much and people may argue that everything needs to be perfect, but one is enough.

One is definitely enough when you learn to let loose. There are many quotes out there saying to relax and enjoy things as opposed to making your life “perfect”.

So Even Though There Is One Kick

You can make it really count with that one kick. Trust yourself, relax yourself and have fun with it.

What do you think is a life worth living?

A life where you never take risks and live a “perfect life”.


A life where you are kicking and screaming and laughing and at the end saying “That was amazing!”

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Originally posted on my blog view here.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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