How Being Silent About Goals Makes You Successful

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Since March 2016, goals have been a massive part of my life and over the years I’ve heard a variety of things about goals.

Finding a why for your goals allows you to better connect with your goals and purpose.

Writing them down and outlining the path to achieve that goal increases your odds as well.

People who follow that kind of goal setting practically quadruple their income.

Make sure the goal is SMART.

And so much more.

No doubt goal setting has changed many peoples, lives.

However one thing that has come up at times during my journey is a simple statement revolving around goals:

Don’t talk about your goals.

I was taken aback by it and I didn’t quite understand why some of the most successful people in the world don’t talk about their goals.

For me, I’ve been fixated on talking about a journey and sharing it. I even had videos on my Youtube channel talking about my goals in the past.

Moreover there is research that shows you are more likely to succeed when you write your goals, but also talk about them too.

So why stay silent about goals?

Mainly because the rich do it and they have done that for quite some time. But let’s go a little further and ask why specifically.

Here’s my thoughts on why it’s important for us to be silent about them, at least to the general public.

Showing is Better than Telling

There’s been a few times where this aspect has popped up in my life, and I’m sure others can relate.

Showing something can make a bigger impact versus simply telling people.

Both can be exciting in their own way. By telling people something will be launched soon can be powerful.

But the same can be said by being silent, launch whatever you plan to sell and market it like crazy.

I’m leaning a lot more on the latter part to be used. Especially in cases where you are doing things on a pattern.

For example, I don’t announce what I’ll be posting on my blog each week. People will have to wait until next week to know what I’ll post.

There may not be a massive hype or anticipation, but I can imagine some people may be curious what I post next.

Either way i believe announcing what you will do before hand takes away a little from the hype that can be built up.

Fact is, showing people to some degree speaks volumes in more ways than announcing.

Instead of Announcements, Take Action

Another thing I learned about goals is that goals build character and creditability.

It makes sense in that way to announce your goals and strive to accomplish them.

It was for this reason that I stood behind writing and talking about your goals.

The issue was that I was doing it all wrong.

If you follow down this particular route you may get the idea that I had. The more people that I potentially tell, the more creditable I’ll be.

So in the past, I’ve written about my goals and also made videos about them.

My thought process was to show off my journey and progress, which is alright. But that intention turned against me.

For myself, I felt a lot of what I was doing was forced. I made goals that I got excited about, but lost interest quickly.

And some of them I did go in and “try” and gave 70% all to say “It’s okay, this is a learning process” at the end of the month.

It was a learning process.

A learning process of setting goals properly.

To stop making numerous announcements and take action.

In the end announcements aren’t going to make changes. Anyone is capable of saying “I can change.”

People will say in job interviews they can adapt to changing environments like it’s nothing. Yet they’ll be the ones resisting change, or getting angry about being laid off because the company changed.

But people are so fixated on simply saying that to the point that they never take action. They refuse to network or invest in themselves.

So stay silent about your goals. Anyone can say anything they like, but in the end what matters is the action that’s taken.

In the end, talk about your goals might make you feel like how I did.

Talking About Your Goals Can Feel Like Attention Seeking

Every month since March 2016 there was a video about my goals posted. But not once did I think about why I did that.

I told myself it was to make myself creditable. But where I was routinely failing and not making progress, it got me thinking.

In the end, I realized I was setting goals simply for attention.

It was all conjecture and no real action.

It was merely to get the views, to maybe find someone who will care.

But no one will care for someone who they never met before.

And they certainly won’t care about someone who is repeating themselves constantly and going nowhere.

Yes failure is to be expected. It’s a natural process of achieving success. But there’s a difference between failing with progress and failing with the thoughts of progress.

I was tricking myself that I was making at least some sliver of progress, but realizing it now there wasn’t any at all.

There was a lack of purpose. Not to mention there was no drive at all.

Back when I was public with my goals there were many faults. But those faults came to the surface once I stopped talking about them.

Once you go silent about your goals, or limit how many people know, you get to see the larger picture.

At times making announcements of projects can get people talking. You see that all the time with massive companies.

However they already have a fan base. Not to mention the first time people hear about something is when they announce it.

Companies don’t talk about the future of the company publicly. I believe people, in order to succeed and grow further, can follow this rule as well.

Instead, let’s work hard to show people amazing things as opposed to saying we’ll do something when it’s still only a thought.

By providing something tangible that people can find helpful, you can get noticed that way.

Announcing what you want to do prior to wouldn’t do much. It’s still a thought, not an actual action you are taking.

But Ultimately, I Believe The Rich are Silent With Their Goals Is…

Because it keeps them humble and mysterious.

That sort of mystery keeps people wondering what they are going to do next. That in itself keeps people focused on their work.

At the same time though the rich still remain humble about it.

They’re not talking or making announcements for the sake of being heard.

They are influencers as people take the time to look at their work and accomplishments.

Those in itself speak far more volumes as opposed to saying what they will do.

It goes back to talking about your successes, but not gloating.

The rich aren’t going to vie for attention, the action that they took and the results speak for themselves.

They don’t need to show off or gloat in order to get more attention. What matters more is making a difference, driving value.

This is a matter of being humble about it, and not speaking about it. After all, the rich don’t have to be creating more value.

Yes they have obligations and other incentives to perform and hustle, but it’s their choice. They made a name for themselves by creating something amazing.

People can vanish into obscurity by doing nothing at all.

In the end, it’s our choice.

So stop talking about goals

We don’t need to seek attention to drive value. When we make massive changes, rock the boat, or drive value, it’ll get noticed.

Until that time, don’t say anything. Be mysterious as that can attract people.

Don’t worry about the attention. There were definitely some people who were fans of individuals before they made it big.

Focus on the goals, and share them only with a handful of people at most.

Try it out and see what happens.

I know for me, my life got significantly better and I believe others can follow that too.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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