Courage Strategy Guide: 3 Simple Steps To Gain Courage and Confidence

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Courage and confidence, I believe are one in the same. To be bold in life is to have confidence in yourself, that everything will turn out alright. It’s why many superheroes and in general heroes in comic books and movies are able to do selfless acts. They know that in the end things will turn out alright.

But courage isn’t just found in the people that we read or watch. Every day people can be courageous and live their life with purpose. It’s all a matter of rewiring your brain into that sort of thinking.

I put together three simple steps that you can take to achieve this. Keep in mind these are simple, but it can take a while to master them and to even find your courage. It all varies based on your current mindset.

Identify The Problem And Why It’s A Problem

The first thing I always go with is identify a problem that’s in your life. Specifically what is preventing you from doing the things that you want. For a lot of people we use excuses (rational or not) to limit ourselves and not live out our lives.

For myself I used the excuse of money, that because I was making so little it would be tough for me to advance. This created a massive blockade for me that restricted me. It was only after I stopped focusing on that and worked on what I can I eventually found a way to create an income stream.

I was able to do this because I asked myself why is this a problem? Why are you choosing to be held back by something so minor in your life?

Create An Action Plan And Follow Through

Once you answer why and figured out the problem, you can start taking action. I typically recommend people setting up small goals that lead to larger long-term goals. After all a journey begins with a simple and small step.

You don’t want to be dwelling on the planning stage, however you want to do enough so you have a road map and a direction to go in. What this means is put together some goals, but also put down some daily tasks that you have to complete.

For myself this works as I struggle a lot with determining my direction after I complete goals and other tasks. So having a list of other things that I can work on and keep adding to that list keeps me busy and still moving forward.

The other thing is you want to follow through with your tasks and goals. This is to ensure that you are keeping up with them, staying consistent and figuring out any issues that have been raised from doing this.

Remember, people have other mental fears not just from physical things in their lives. Things like fear of failure, worry, anxiety and so on. Addressing the issue now helps you to learn about yourself and start to refine your action plan to work around those problems.

Analyze, Rethink, Reapply

The last step is to basically repeat the first two steps until you have a working strategy. Even still, continue to make changes as we all change as we continue to grow and learn about ourselves.

There is always another way to do something better, easier, and faster. A lot of that time comes down to doing the same task continuously. So continue to develop that habit and don’t worry too much about doing it faster until you’ve done it enough times (roughly after 3 months or so).

But also do this when you fail. Again go back to why you are having this problem, present a solution and start making changes and applying it.

You never know what will happen until you try!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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