Finding The Sweet Hour Of Productivity

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“Maybe this is the best time for me to work.”

Indeed it’s weird and goes against our traditional means of working hours, but for my brother, it’s quite clear he is most productive late in the night.

The Ultradian Rhythm

The first aspect of the tracking system takes up something that is called the Ultradian Rhythm.

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Discovering Peak Hours & Days

Of course, you can spend a lot of time guessing and following your gut feeling to determine the best time to do work. However, there are people who have put together systems that can help us track our productivity hour by hour.

Another Approach: Journalling

Another approach you can consider as well to ensure better accuracy is to journal your day. Because journalling will prompt us to look over our day we can accurately write down how we are feeling about the day as well as the work that we did that day.

Don’t Stress Over The Dips

At the end of the day, you want to be smoothing out your productive space and making the most out of the times where you are most focused.

Try This

I have only recently stumbled on this myself and I’m curious to try this out. I’d also encourage others to try it out and see where it takes them as well.

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