Finding The Sweet Hour Of Productivity

Eric S Burdon
6 min readJun 25, 2018
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On one of our recent walks to the movie theater, I recall my older brother talking about his struggles with sleep cycles. For as long as I can remember, my brother’s sleep cycle has always been changing and really weird.

You see, he works late at night when everyone is asleep. Or at least he has a tendency of doing that.

For a lot of people it may be considered odd, but as we were talking about sleep cycles, one thing my brother said stood out.

“Maybe this is the best time for me to work.”

Indeed it’s weird and goes against our traditional means of working hours, but for my brother, it’s quite clear he is most productive late in the night.

This is drastically different than myself where I can easily adapt it but prefer being the early riser and working early in the morning.

This all underlies one particular thing and that is the sweet hour of productivity. It’s a particular time (or hour) where we are at our peak performance and can get a lot of shit done.

It’s an interesting philosophy of productivity, but finding it is even more troublesome as each person works differently.

Going back to my brother and I, we both have utterly different work cycles and yet we are both productive individuals despite that.

So how exactly can we find that sweet spot for ourselves?

And even when we find it, how can we leverage it?

Below is a method you can consider to accurately track and identify your peak hours. Furthermore this tracking system can help in discovering habits that help you and others that slow you down.

The Ultradian Rhythm

The first aspect of the tracking system takes up something that is called the Ultradian Rhythm.

The ultradian rhythm is basically a series of peaks and valleys where we work best and need rest. The periods of heightened productivity vary from person to person but they fall between 90 to 120 minutes over the 24 hour cycle we all have.

Anyway during those peak cycles, at the beginning we are highly energized and motivated. As we get closer to the…



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