How A Shut Down Can Be Helpful

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Let me tell you a short story, a story that happened last night.

Last night we had a thunder storm move over southern New Brunswick and it just so happened to cut off our power.

I saw a brilliant white flash followed by a thunderous boom that shook the entire house. Right after that the power was cut off.

I panicked a little, texting my dad letting him know the power went out. In fact, there was no power at all in the house.

Desperate to find a solution I asked him if there was any way to restore power, but to no avail.

I was alone, in a house with no power.

Oh and the water stopped working as well.

But in the end, I found a way to get over it.

Obviously a shut down like this can be bad news. For one it’s disconnecting me from my work. But also I use technology for my own entertainment as well like everyone else.

However a shut down can be helpful for a few things. Some of them I’ve listed in my blog post today, but I’d like to add more to that list.

It Allows You To Think

After getting over the despair and worry of lack of technology in your life, I find that you can spend a fair bit of time thinking. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas or preparing a plan of what you want to do next, a shut down can be used for that.

It’s a chance to take pause and gather your thoughts and refine things. Much like taking a step back and overlooking things.

Speaking of stepping.

You Can Squeeze In Cardio

Whether the power to your house or apartment is off or you are looking to disconnect, going for a walk is soothing and refreshing. For me I was fortunate that the thunderstorm was only temporary, allowing me to do that. This also works if the power is out for longer periods of time and outside it’s decent weather.

It’s a shame that during it’s brief existence it managed to cut off the power, but hey I got in an extra walking session I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

It Can Allow You To Focus

One thing I’ve been striving for is making the best out of what I have got. I’m learning to not dwell on the immediate problem (a power outage) and instead dwell on what I can do with it (write every single article I want to post for this week).

It can be a blessing in disguise in that sense that you are able to take your time to process things. Since you can’t really take any considerable action (especially in cases where the internet or power is a key component to your work) it’s better to consider your options. Plan out how you want to approach and deal with other problems. But I advise to not do that when you are on vacation.

What other things would you suggest during a black out? Leave a comment below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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