How I’m becoming a better me now — and how you can too!

Everyone is allowed to dream, we’re all dreamers. But we don’t have many doers.

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When I was younger I had dreams of what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’m sure we all had those kinds of experiences. Those lofty dreams only to be smacked with reality. For me it happened quite quickly, before I was a teenager in fact.

I wanted to be a teacher, but I had terrible skills in dealing with kids. There was a time I wanted to be a toy inventor but my artistic skills weren’t that great.

In a sense I’m a teacher now, but what about that toy inventor dream I had? I didn’t act upon it at all and even to this day I still haven’t. On top of that I can come up with many reasons why I don’t want to strive for that.

My whole point though is the fact that I had a dream and I kept dreaming about it. I never once acted upon myself to do it.

In our lives there are situations where we do that. Where we have goals, dreams and hopes, but they sit there. Like a vision board filled with cars, exotic places and large houses. They sit there and not get anywhere.

So many people have this problem

We’ve become dreamers, playing up a wonderful place in our head and not making it our reality. Some even have goals and vision boards amongst other things and people still struggle with it.

I want to change that, and it all starts with something small. That small thing is an explication of it in a video I made on Monday. I call it #BetterMeNow

For the past two weeks now, I’ve been rolling out on Sunday’s, a blog post talking about goals. But putting a little more attention on an experiment I’m running on myself.

I’m testing myself to do 100 sit-ups and eventually 100 push ups daily.

It’s a big challenge, but my health has been an issue for me and I think the road to a better me now is to work out and do this kind of challenge.

But I don’t want to be alone in this. I encourage you all to join. But I also want to provide some pointers to keep in mind. I want to give you some tools that helped me to realize things.

These things have led me to this path, where I’m more determined to be a better me now. To be more of a doer than a dreamer.

I’m using this hashtag to provide motivation

But also a source for information. People can watch my experiments and keep tabs on it through this hashtag.

I’ll be dedicating a board on Pinterest to it, tweeting about it on twitter and having some Facebook posts revolving around it.

I want to be sharing helpful quotes and other articles that can help others.

But above all I’m aiming for people to use this hashtag for the same purpose as well. Talking about their goals. At least the small ones. Things that we can start changing right now to be a better person.

Because by being a better me now, it’s thinking more on doing the action as opposed to dreaming.

That’s what self improvement is all about.

I would agree to push for larger goals, but I believe talking about them is more like attention seeking. It might not actually help you.

But having the small things, the tasks that only take a few minutes to complete each day, I think they’re worth talking about. Even a large goal can be broken down into tiny pieces. So small goals are far from insignificant, but are also so shareable.

What to do

So I encourage you to share your small goals in the comment section below and to use that hashtag. There are so many people looking to improve themselves I know it.

You are not alone.

And creating a network or a place where information is shared and you can get encouragement is worth establishing.

As we all know, positivity can bring about massive change.

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