How Making Top 10 on Quora Teaches About Achievement

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There I am. 8th guy on the list of of the most viewed people on Optimism. It’s not on all of Quora, but it is certainly a start since my commitment to the platform in October last year.

It’s a little surreal, but it says something significant about this list and the individuals that are on this list.

For one, it’s impressive I have made this list as people are slowly recognizing my efforts. The little bit of dedication I have been putting to writing answers on Quora daily have clearly paid off.

But this also gives me pause and reflection.

Here I am with almost 2,000 views and 100 answers to my name on this list. I’ve answered the most questions out of every single one of these people by a long-shot, and yet it suggests that I get very few view from every answer. On average, I would be making 17 or 18 views per answer based on math.

While I think the metrics are a little wonky — as looking at my answers some of them are in the triple digits — it still makes me feel two things:

Proud that my work and efforts are paying off.

It prompts me to think of what I can do better.

Be Proud Of Your Achievements

It’s important to be boastful about your accomplishments and achievements. It’s not meant to be rubbed into a persons face to grow your own ego.

As much as some of us work to prove other people wrong, we would be no better than all the other people who laughed at us or said “we can’t” if we succeeded tremendously, turned around, and rubbed it in a persons face.

The joy of the journey and the process shouldn’t come from the potential gratification we get when we finish something. It should be on the journey itself.

I had fun answering those questions and I still enjoy going on this platform. That much is clear considering the hundreds of questions I’ve answered. I’m sitting on nearly 40K views at this moment since I started answering on October 15th 2017.

This dedication stems from the person that I am and are becoming better at it.

A man who wants to help other people by answering questions directly. Providing my own thoughts in the world.

This is a reason to be proud. Even if it’s 8th place, it’s still top 10 in a marathon with hundreds of professionals with degrees, years of experience and more.

I’m merely a guy sharing my stories and lessons.

Not to limit myself but it shows the sheer simplicity of making this a reality when you are passionate and show dedication to your hustle.

What Can I Do Better?

At the same time all of this is happening I am asking myself what more can I do better?

Because, you know, I’m not going to settle with 8th place.

I want to keep improving myself and developing myself. This also goes with other aspects of my life, namely my health.

How can I inspire myself to make deeper connections with the questions?

What sort of stories should I be telling on that space?

How much detail should I provide?

These are questions that get me thinking of what I should be delivering on that platform. I certainly show my personality on there, but much like my writing on here, there is room to grow.

In our lives we do great things, but we can always do better. It’s important to know why you are driven to doing such a thing. Where this devotion is coming from.

It is significant and relevant.

I see Quora as a way to improve myself further. Much like with my writing on here, my answers on Quora can go through further transformations.

It can be better.

It’s understanding that and not getting too full of yourself and your achievements that you lose yourself. It’s taking the progress and the desire to improve in strides towards what you want to achieve.

Someone recognizing your brand or who you are.

A way to spark conversations amongst your audience.

Getting traffic to the sites that you care most about.

These are things that drive me, but also my desire to help other people. That is part of my brand after all.

Improve, And Keep Improving

It’s nice to see that my work is making an impact on that place and I haven’t even been there for a year yet. I’m excited to see how much progress I’ll be making on the road ahead.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Another working hard kind of day yesterday. That being said, I’ve finally buckled down and worked on a few things I’ve been putting off all week.

One of those things is editing some new videos that’ll be up on my Youtube channel. I do want to be putting them on Facebook as well and see how they fare on there. Regardless it’s nice to be free of that since I have been on my case for that for a while.

There’s a lot of things I need to be more consistent on so next week I want to be showing further dedication to certain activities that I’ve been neglecting.

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