How Marine Training Has Created Excellent Teams

In Charles Duhigg’s book Smarter, Faster, Better, he interviews and hunts down some extraordinary stories on a variety of aspects of life. The training that Marines go through is one of them.

The training that the individuals need to go through is life-changing to say the least.

The Changes

“We never tell anyone they’re a natural-born leader.” — General Charles C. Krulak

The locus of control.

The Locus Of Control

“We teach them that leadership is learned, it’s the product of effort.” — General Charles C. Krulak

Instead the type of locus of control we have arises when we can see the connection between results and our own actions.

Seeing It In Action

“It was like working with a bunch of wet socks. Marines can’t be wet socks.” — General Charles C. Krulak

Those who are able to make it through this training are individuals who aren’t “natural born-leaders”, but rather ordinary people who are trained to think quickly and as a unit.

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