How to be building genuine relationships for business

Connections is everything

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We are writers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, people, humans. At our core we are people that want others to do business with us, to get our name out there. But from well established businesses to the small start-up, there is one thing that we need to be doing to truly grow.

And that is to have genuine relationships. To sit down and actually have conversations with people.

It’s a struggle for a lot of people for a variety of reasons outside of work. So it’s to be expected businesses too run into the same sort of problems. We are people behind the business at the end of the day.

You can start fixing a lot of those issues by doing some of the following things.

Tone down/Eliminate automation

We live in an autonomous world now where everything is going to robots but also we are increasingly obsessed with it ourselves. When we start up a business we want everything to be done for us with minimal work.

I see it on twitter all the time, getting automated messages, some times even getting tweets from people showing me videos. I never watch them. They simply feel empty.

Some automation can make sense such as posting to other platforms, but overall people are relaying so much on third party tools, bots, management systems and so on that we’ve forgot the basics of selling.

Selling is building a relationship, being genuine.

So engage with a person, ask questions

Not necessarily about what it is they do, because frankly that’s boring and unnecessary. Instead ask about why they followed you on social media. What got them to be a consumer of your content?

Understanding a persons reasoning can be meaningful once you grow a massive audience. Also questions in general help in getting an idea of the person as well.

Asking questions shows you are interested, that you actually care.

Ask about passions or hobbies

Not necessarily to build up more of a demographic but you can understand what people are passionate about. When you are a solopreneur like myself, your brand is you. In my case I’m the only employee for myself so it’s important for me to get along with other people.

So connecting on a personal level is important and I can tell you the relationships I started bore fruit when I dropped the automation and actually sent the person an email or a message.

Show your authenticity

Some of these tactics can be difficult if you have more people involved in a business, however there are more creative ways to show authenticity to others. For someone flying solo it’s a matter of being personal.

I take pride in showing off my changes, what I’m up to, and inspiring people in my own way. Businesses can do the same by showing behind the scenes stuff, asking for suggestions and so on.

When you open up and choose to be vulnerable and helpful…

It gets noticed. As I’ve said in the past, people grow off of negativity, or hardship. Success doesn’t come instantly. You’ve had to screw up a few or several times to be where you are.

Sharing those things and choosing to be helpful from those is meaningful.

So open up, hustle more and decide to take the first step towards building genuine relationships. I’m right there with you.

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