How To Get Up In The Morning (Even If You Experienced Success Or Failure)

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Eric S Burdon
4 min readAug 12, 2018
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The alarm you set the night before goes off and you roll yourself out of bed.

Some wake up immediately, get out, make their bed and go about their day.

Others groan and roll back to sleep, hitting the snooze button.

And others are awake, but sit in bed.

All these people have one thing in common and that is what motivates them to do those actions first thing in the morning.

We all know the big difference between these individuals are what drives them in the morning.

The people who groan and go back to bed have nothing to look forward to and are immediately thinking negative thoughts. They dislike their work, where they’re going in life, and yet are doing nothing to change it.

Those who are sitting in bed may be in that state as well, but they’re not complaining about it. They don’t have something that drives them.

Those who get up and move on with their day has something to pursue, even if their life is shitty right now.

It’s painfully obvious that you need to have something to get you out of bed every single morning. You have your goals to pursue and a why for doing so.

But even the most ambitious of entrepreneurs some times lose sight of those things.

There are times where it can be a bit of a struggle to get out of bed. Sure you have motivations but what about cases where you made a mistake or you failed?

You had all of that work you did get squandered.

Your momentum stops abruptly only for you to fall down flat on your face.

How will you be getting up and continue to fight?

It depends on how strong your motivations are.

How strong they are in the face of failure, but also success.

Something Happens When We Succeed Or Fail

You may think it’s easy to roll out of bed especially when we win, but I believe getting out of bed after a success is a lot harder.

Success breeds a habit, and you have a reason to pursue something. But once you achieve your goal, where are you going to go next?

That’s truly the biggest question.

What’s next?

Sure the high is great and revelling in your success, but relying on your successes too much makes you soft. It makes you comfortable. And one day you’ll end up sitting in bed, unsure of what to pursue.

That is, if your motivations aren’t well founded.

On the other hand, a failure will knock you down. You still have you motivations, but depending on the severity of the failure, things will not be entirely the same.

In this case, your motivations may not be reinforced enough.

What Gets You Out Of Bed?

Whether we succeed or we fail it all comes back to our motivations in this instance. Our motivations are what drive us and when they aren’t strong or we lack them, we lose our momentum.

We also lose ourselves as well as what was originally driven us has been put to the test. It’s been questioned whether it’s a valid reason or not by either our successes or our failures.

By understanding this, it’s clear what we have to do.

We need to be reinforcing our reasons with each passing success or failure. It’s going back and checking ourselves whether this motivation is still something we want to pursue.

It’s something that needs tending in order for it flourish and evolve into something else, another reason for us to be moving forward.

And all that can be achieved by asking one simple question day in and day out:

What gets you out of your bed today?

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Managed to do some work early in the morning yesterday before heading off to see my cousin. I am enjoying the times to hang out and relax even when I know that I don’t get much work done when we hang out.

Still, taking it easy and allowing myself to relax is important. Especially since my weeks are always filled to the brim with work and not much else. It allows me the opportunity to think of my next moves to be making.

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