How To Get Up In The Morning (Even If You Experienced Success Or Failure)

The Daily Grind #42

“A woman wearing a red sweater and sneakers walking with her hands on top of her head down a path during fall in West Sussex” by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

Some wake up immediately, get out, make their bed and go about their day.

Others groan and roll back to sleep, hitting the snooze button.

And others are awake, but sit in bed.

The people who groan and go back to bed have nothing to look forward to and are immediately thinking negative thoughts. They dislike their work, where they’re going in life, and yet are doing nothing to change it.

Those who are sitting in bed may be in that state as well, but they’re not complaining about it. They don’t have something that drives them.

Those who get up and move on with their day has something to pursue, even if their life is shitty right now.

How will you be getting up and continue to fight?

Something Happens When We Succeed Or Fail

What’s next?

What Gets You Out Of Bed?

What gets you out of your bed today?

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Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, but now I do a lot.