How To Grow Your Mindset

Growing your mindset is simple in concept: you must be open to change and willing to adapt to it.

7 min readDec 11, 2019


If you ever want to grow your chances of success, you need to grow your mindset.

This is something that I learned when I first started my self improvement journey. This is what led me to become a writer and generating enough money to support myself financially.

A growth mindset.

Before all of this, I was someone who didn’t know where to go in life, pursuing a career in accounting and eventually becoming a sales rep for a credit card company. Even though I was going somewhere with my life, I felt stuck.

After work, I felt drained and lounged around with no vision or ambition for anything.

But deep down, I had that mindset and when I got serious and started to work on my business, it bloomed into what it is today.

Whether you have a direction in life or not, growing and changing is part of our course. If we can’t learn to grow or be open to change, we can’t advance.

This is a concept people fail to understand as so many of us resist change or generally feel stuck and are unsure what to do. This isn’t to say a growth mindset is the only thing you ever need, but to…



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