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How To Have The Determination To Improve

Your skills may be poor, or you’re in a rut, but things will get better. So long as you know how to get through it all.

When you have been going at something for a long period of time, there are many times where you run into ruts. While it’s a good question to be asking at times, it can be sometimes difficult to move forward and do what you’ve set out to do.

You may be in a rut because your skills aren’t up to par or maybe you’re stuck in a loop where you are comparing your skills with other people. Whatever the case may be it’s not a matter of just stopping and getting past it.

You need a plan, some skills, and a mindset geared towards learning. These things are key to getting that determination that you need.

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While it’s impossible to plan around every potential roadblock it’s still worth figuring out what it is you really want to do.

What are the goals that you are striving for?

How do your actions line up with your intentions?

It’s asking these core questions at practically every turn that can become essential for you to develop determination.

They are what form your plan but also serve as a reminder of that plan in the first place. And that reminder is helpful because you can always change things when your actions and your goals don’t match up.

Building determination is a matter of building up your desire to follow through with a habit.

Having determination is going to be harder the more you think that doing a particular action isn’t serving you.

Determination also plays in with your goals and current actions. If finding a partner or being a good partner isn’t high on your priority list, it’ll be difficult to build a habit around that unless you have a clear intention and a plan to follow.

But not all plans are easy to follow through with. Putting all your goals on paper is nice but it’s not going to move you forward initially.

You’re going to need skills.

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Developing Of Skills

More specifically you’ll need to develop those skills.

When I first started running this business I had the illusion of determination. I got around to setting goals eventually, but a lot of the habits that I had got in the way.

I was more focused on gaming as opposed to writing dozens of articles.

I was more focused on social media that I didn’t care that much about my writing techniques.

And I was more focused on trying to get out of my situation and getting distracted by unimportant things that I didn’t bother growing as a person.

It was only when I began to develop organizational skills, and spending time to look deeper in myself that I began to slowly build myself up.

Sure at the time I had enough determination to be writing every day, but I didn’t have a big reason. I wrote what I felt like and solely about myself all the time.

It was only when I began to care about my writing that I began to realize that and started to write more deeply to you all and find deeper reasons to write.

And while there isn’t much I can help you all with developing skills, I still believe it’s worth reminding yourself what skills you want to build. It allows you to reinvest and — much like with planning — take inventory of your progress.

I’m happy that so far I’ve been able to publish one article on Medium every single day (mostly). That being said, I’ve realized that some of my articles aren’t that strong.

This realization is a reminder for me to go back through and improve my writing skills. Not necessarily in the writing itself but the back end. Things like improving headlines, formatting, or checking tags.

These all have things that help in building determination because these things give you knowledge. Knowledge of what you can be building more. And those actions of building certain skills may be the solution you need to get out of your rut or the problems you find yourself in.

These also serve as great distractions from other things. We run into issues all the time where we’re comparing our results and demoralizing ourselves because of it. But when you’re focusing on your skills, things begin to shift. You can look at others work and see what you can improve on or get more ideas for the future. Not to mention if you’re building on something you have less time to focus on other distractions.

If you’re invested in something, you’re determined to see it through no matter what.

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A Learning Mindset

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And the final thing that wraps things up nicely is a mindset built on growth. Just because we learn something new doesn’t mean that we’re going to employ it.

People love going to seminars and getting pumped up, but so many lack the determination to take that knowledge and apply it in their lives. Most often forget what it was that they learned in the first place.

A learning mindset is more than just the willingness to take information in. It’s a matter of using it and continuing to use it.

After all, the only way we’ll learn to do something and do it well is through continuous practice.

And yes a lot of this is repeated by what I’ve said above, but a learning mindset makes this all the easier for you.

The willingness to seek out what it is that you’re doing wrong combined with the willingness to put together a plan with goals and skills to develop and following through with it is what a learning mindset is all about. And this is the very essence of determination.

Because if you run into issues along the way, you can always change your plan. Or continue as normal.

Determination is what can push you out of your bed and work out every day even if you’re feeling stiff and sore.

Determination can push you to write every single day, even if you struggle to come up with topics. And even if you look back at the work and think it’s terrible.

The sheer act of following through and developing yourself is far more important than the stuff that’s going on in your head with respect to your thoughts of current skills.

All that really matters is that you’re getting out there and following through.

That’s determination.

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