How To Know Yourself By Asking Questions

Some times the best way to learn about yourself is to ask questions.

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One of the most helpful things I’ve learned about life is knowing more about me. For me, I believe this is an important part in changing, taking action, and deciding where you want to be going in life.

Even though I spent a lot of my time at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial career slacking off, I still learned about myself. Every time I sat down and worked, I paid attention to how I worked.

When it came to breaks I took the time to learn more about myself as well. I figured out what it is that I wanted to get out of my life.

In the end I formulated questions

Questions that I believe can help you in understanding more about yourself. I didn’t ask myself many, but they are significant to me and figuring out my path.

The thing with my own life was that I was really torn between a number of things. I originally went to school to study accounting, but as I explain in my book, there were shifts and in the end I felt stuck. There I was, pursuing something I didn’t feel confident in doing.

I asked myself these kinds of questions to help me understand myself more. Even if you do understand yourself better now, don’t be afraid to ask these questions again. Much like reading a book a few months or a year later, how we interpret and understand things changes as we grow.

What is your biggest fear that you are facing in life?

When times are tough in your life, ask yourself this question. The answer isn’t a specific phobia that you have, but it’s specifically a fear that is holding you back in your life.

I left my credit card selling job because I was scared of losing money. Mind you it was still a dumb move, however through that I learned I care more about my own happiness and well being.

Where is your source for opinions? Did you hear about this through research or from someone else?

One of the biggest things that I learned about myself was that at the beginning I felt like a shell. I believed whatever people said and I didn’t take the time to research anything.

There were some opinions that are well founded for myself through personal experiences, but for the most part I would relay on other peoples opinions.

Why is this important to understanding yourself? It tells you whether you will stand on your own two feet or whether you’ll follow a crowd with whatever thoughts you are exposed to.

For myself I hid myself under a rock and there was a time where I didn’t know what to think about when it came to a variety of topics. From gay rights to abortion and so on. Again I felt like a shell, empty.

It was only when I actually talked to people, did research and formulate my own opinions do I feel more in control of my life.

What are the top three things that you want to get out of your work? Why those three?

A question that focus on your own needs. Through answering them you can better find a why that keeps you motivated. But it also provides deeper meaning in understanding yourself.

There are many needs for people and work can satisfy a number of them. But why those three in particular? It says more about your work ethic as well and how you view problems and rewards as well.

What are you going into business for? What do you plan on achieving by taking action?

Another two part question but still is a formidable one. This very question determined a lot on what I wanted my business to be like and how I plan to work. But for you it can mean something more than just that.

Even though you can use this as another source for motivation, it can do more. With respect to understanding yourself, this can help you in a profound way. It can determine what kind of business you set up, but also how you pitch, and interact with people revolving around this.

Know any other deep questions? Leave a comment down below about them and their significance to you!

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