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How To Make Your Book More Successful Than Mine

A look into my book and why it flopped and theories on how I could’ve improved so yours won’t meet the same fate.

A few years ago, I did something that I honestly never thought I could do.

I published a book.

Throughout the past few years since it’s been sitting on Amazon, I’ve had some people ask me about what I do. And more often than not, the question of whether I’ve published a book eventually comes up.

Whenever I hear this question, my heart grows a little heavy.

It’s not that I think my book is an embarrassment or anything. I think that the book is alright by my standards at the time. However, I can’t deny the fact that this book is a total flop, buried in the depths of Amazon’s self-help book section.

And I wanted it to succeed. I wanted it to succeed so badly.

But now that I’m wiser and more understanding of my craft, I’ve come to learn a few things about making some great books. Here is what I think you need in order to make great books.

Figure Your Intentions Before Writing It

One thing that I’ll say in defence of my failure of a book is that at the time of writing the book, I was in an odd place mentally. I tend to sum it up by explaining that while I don’t like talking much about my book, the book I published means to me today as more of a statement.

Like I said above, I didn’t feel like I could publish a book and yet here I am, a published author.

But that intention I have today wasn’t what I had in mind when I began writing the book three years ago.

I wanted to publish the book for the sake of crawling out of debt. Hell even being set for life.

Silly I know, but those were my intentions. And they were really mixed up.

But why are our intentions so important when writing a book?

Like with any kind of content that we publish, there is some level of emotion that we place in the work and that guides the direction of our work. It’s why, regardless of what profession you have, you’ll perform not as well when you’re in a bad mood. All the same, you’ll perform better if you are in higher spirits.

But one thing that impacts our moods heavily is our intentions. This is true especially in long-term projects like writing a book. Take exercise, for example. Peoples intentions to exercise increase when they are placed in a position of joy and hope.

Imagine what that would do when writing a book.

If you’re writing from a place of joy and hope, or clarity, you can be aware of your intentions and steer your writing towards those intentions.

Want to make a better book? Do some deeper research. Explore yourself a little more.

Want to make a successful book? Look at some other peoples work. Maybe buy a book on writing.

Talk About Something That Matters

Much like with articles, books are similar in that what brings people to buy and read is when the book focuses on something that matters. The books that are often overlooked are books that explain the same thing and outline the same sort of issues.

Obviously many topics have been covered by all kinds of people several times before. However, each type of contribution was unique in its own way.

Going back to my book, it was an autobiography discussing overcoming depression as well as the challenges of running a business.

While it’s certainly unique, the overall delivery of it could’ve been better. Not to mention I should’ve been focusing on one overarching topic as opposed to cramming two topics into a single book.

One other thing that’s worth mentioning is that while a great book touches on something that matters to others, you want to make sure you are writing from a position that matters to you too. People can read your intentions and your mood through all manners of creative work. So make sure your intentions and mood are aligned with yourself when you create.

Provides A Deeper Discussion

But what makes a great book or article great is that while the topic has been addressed before, the content provides a deeper discussion or a different discussion entirely.

This is how writers are able to distinguish their books and make them stand out, They discuss the same topics in a new light and a new perspective. Something that gets people talking.

It’s for this particular reason why controversial topics are so compelling for all of us. Not to mention some of the greatest books out there are books that go against many niche standards.

But above all, great books are books that are weird. And while mine was weird, I think it was weird in a bad way. It was too scattered and honestly didn’t provide much of a discussion on anything.

But there is one thing that I learned from that experience. I can create a book. And sometimes that’s all the encouragement that we need as a writer to keep moving forward. Because we know deep down, with practice, we’ll create something great.

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