How To Positively Master Your Problems And Boost Confidence

Rising To The Challenge Part 1

Everyone has problems in their lives.

They are a force that can break us down to our knees, and make us give up on our goals and dreams. It’s a force that we can’t run away from and that we have to deal with to proceed.

Though problems are like that, there are many people who are willing to help you. From problems springs a variety of solutions and business. It’s thanks to problems, our nemesis, that we’ve created a world where everyone can thrive.

But even still we’ll never be rid of our problems.

That sounds bleak, but by the end of this, I hope that you can see problems in a different light.

Problems in the end can be seen as two things:

They can be like I said above, the bane of our existence and our survival.

Or they can be a wise teacher, allowing us to grow and even become a master of our problems, fears and doubts.

How you approach and analyze the problem determines your view and even the outcome. Furthermore, the results and the process dictates the path you walk and how you view your own dreams and abilities.

As we are a month and a half into this year, many people like myself no doubt would like to achieve more out of our year this year. Let’s make that possible by understanding different strategies to solving problems.

More specifically, how successful people deal with their problems.

Effective methods that actually help you I mean. After all when you are rich, some people throw money at the problem.

Regardless, understanding how the successful deal with problems is powerful. After all, we learn by understanding past actions. We learn from that what methods work and what not to do as well. There’s no sense in repeating the same mistake someone else did in the past.

Obviously there are many successful people out there with various ideas for dealing with problems. But for the nature of the post, I’d like to focus on one approach at a time per post. I intend to at least make one of these types of posts once per month as well. So by the end of it, you’ll have a collection of 11 approaches on how to deal with problems stemmed from the brilliant minds of men and women.

Not to mention my own spin to it as well to keep things fresh and expand on their approaches.

With that, let’s delve in.

The First Lesson: Robert Kiyosaki’s “There’s Always Two Options”

For anyone who knows me, Robert Kiyosaki is a person I look up to. The author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, what he has to suggest in the book is incredible.

Even though I learned a little from his book, what little I learned was rather profound in my own personal life. It’s his strategy to solving problems that has led me to finally making money from writing. Furthermore this strategy has been what has helped me move along even in rougher times.

For those who have yet to read this #1 Best-Selling Self Improvement book, Kiyosaki goes into extensive detail on how his life turned around. How he went from a kid with limited understanding of money to now being a wealthy individual in real estate.

This story is how he met his “Rich Dad.”

His parents were poor and he was always picked on at school because he was dressed poorly despite living in middle class. The same was the case with one of his friends too. They both wanted money in order to get some of the nicer things that the “upper class kids” had.

In the end, what he and his friend did was start counterfeiting nickels. At the time they didn’t know it was illegal, they were elementary school kids.

But it was that particular act that led them to Kiyosaki meeting his mentor, his friend’s father, aka “Rich Dad”. He was a poor parent who would one day be one of the richest real estate agents in the area.

But going back to the counterfeiting nickels. Even though that’s illegal, the spirit, and the lesson, isn’t suggesting anything illegal. It’s suggesting a simple concept:

There is always two options.

No Matter What, There Is A Way

Regardless of where you are in life, there is always two options that you can take to fix a problem. I’d even go as far as saying there is AT LEAST two options.

Naturally a lot choose to throw money at the problem by paying for services, or products. From there you are trusting that the other individual can deliver. A lot of cases people do good jobs of putting together quality products or delivering quality services.

But as I’m suggesting, there are many ways to solving a problem. Furthermore it doesn’t always cost money physically. A lot of times it’s in opportunity costs.

For example, when I had bigger money issues than I have now, it took me a while to finally make some money. I believed in the fact that I’ll find a way.

True I saved money by not spending the few dollars I earned on marketing, planning, and consulting. But it took me nearly two years to finally earn anything substantial. Substantial being $16 a week.

The opportunity cost was the amount of time that it took me to generate that.

My point is, things can be done for free if you know where to look and you have the time to do so.

Taking The Free Lane

Now I know some people might be saying that the free lane is a waste of time. Or perhaps the free lane will give you poor quality stuff. That is absolutely true. But as I’m suggesting, I’m asking you all to look around.

I believe there are many helpful services that you can get away with for free.

I use TubeBuddy to help me with keywords, setting up end screens and a few other things.

I’ve also been a user of free royalty free images that you see in every one of these posts. You can tell that they are indeed quality pictures.

I even use Canva to create thumbnails and all sorts of other graphics for my posts and people enjoy them.

There’s even platforms that offer free courses from places like Yale, Harvard, MIT, and more.

It all comes down to how you use them and view the platforms. There is a lot of free crap out there, but there’s also some really helpful stuff when you leverage from it.

Another Approach

The other approach you can consider is taking the approach Kiyosaki did when he was younger. No not counterfeiting nickels, but making connections.

He bonded with a kid because they were in the same boat as each other. Both had poor parents living in a middle class area and wanted more out of life. From there they formed a bond and started spending more time with each other.

Building connections is a free thing to do and can lead to many wonderful things. This was something I didn’t embrace early on and paid dearly for it. I’m sure if I built those bonds sooner I’d be better off now.

But let’s not reminisce about what I should’ve done.

Building connections can help in a few ways. For one you can do favours for one another. My accountability partner gets free editing work from me (thus boosting one another writing performance). In return I get weekly goal setting which has pushed my business forward.

But starting out, they could also point you in the right direction saving you time. I’ve learned a considerable amount of stuff for free from talking to other people. Not to mention I’ve shared a lot of valuable tools to people who sit down and talk to me too.

Try This

There are always many approaches to a problem that you can take to solving a problem. From talking to someone and building a connection to looking for platforms that can help you out even a little bit. Problems in the end are nothing to be worried or to panic about.

Problems are tests to determine whether your beliefs and abilities are enough to overcome them.

Being that open minded takes time though, but you can take steps right now towards it. When you have problems in your life, breath and look around you, discuss a little about it to someone else.

There are many ways out of a problem. I’ll share some more of them next month.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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