How To Refine Your Relationships

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Like I talked about yesterday, relationships are important for a variety of reasons. Though I am thankful for them, one thing I need to work on more is refining them, building them to be genuine relationships.

During this process, I’ve been able to grow a relationship with one man in particular, Nikhil, the blogger and owner of Intelligent Citizen. Lately our working relationship has grown a lot more and we’ve been able to joke around and chat a lot more as well.

There are a few things that we’ve done in order to enrich our relationship and I’d like to share a few of those things today.

Strike A Deal

At the start of our relationship, I offered to help him out with his editing work. I wouldn’t say his English was broken, but there were a few typos in it. I was happy to help and all I asked from him was that he share my content whenever he had the chance to.

Forming a deal in this fashion helped us both to understand our general view points without discussing it. I understood his writing and over the few years I’ve been editing his work, I’ve seen his work and his views change and grow. On the other side Nikhil has learned more about me by consuming my content.

When you are looking to improve a relationship take the time to ask yourself “What can I do to help them?”. Even something as simple as sharing another persons work or writing a comment does make a difference.

Share Links And Ask For Opinions

One thing that Nikhil and I have started to do is bounce ideas off of one another. Obviously confiding in someone is good, but confiding in someone who knows you better is smarter.

Though in the end, respect that your comrade may not take your suggestions. Still, the fact that they’re offering some words of wisdom or you are looking for another persons thoughts means they value your words. Especially when you have some level of history and you generally know the person.

Furthermore sharing links and resources can strengthen a relationship as well. In order to do so you need to learn more about a persons interests and where they want to go. Having a second pair of eyes looking around or even having access to something you wouldn’t otherwise have is very powerful.

Talk Regularly

Nikhil and I chat briefly on twitter on a regular basis but we have a more in-depth conversation in our weekly calls. This has strengthened our relationship more as we tackle our challenges and discuss ideas and ask questions we otherwise wouldn’t chat through twitter.

Set aside a little bit of time each week to have a conversation with someone you want to build a relationship with. It can be either business or casual but generally following up on a person is good.

It shows that you are genuinely interested in their work and you want them to succeed and grow. By dedicating some time or even sending them a quick email letting them know you are thinking about them or that you’re cheering them on can really help.

One strategy that Nikhil and I found is by being one another accountability partners. This ensures we chat regularly to follow up, plus we’re discussing and learning about one another.

So Go Ahead…

Pick out someone you haven’t chatted to in a while and send them an email or a IM right now. Rekindle that friendship.

Or if you already are chatting more and you want to grow it more, suggest some of those things above and enhance that relationship. You never know where it’ll take you.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Eric S Burdon is a Youtuber and Blogger who focuses on positivity, mindset and growth, sharing his journey through these.


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