How To Think Positively In A Negative World

In a world where we normalize negativity, it’s difficult to be positive. I understand that understanding negativity and saying things we can do about it is good on paper. However it still doesn’t change the fact that people’s default is leaning more on the negative side of things than others.

We can have actions and actions can do great things, but in the end, when actions don’t change how we think we’re looking at different situation the same way we saw the old situation. As I’ve said before:

“In order for the world to change, we must first change ourselves.”

So How Can We Do That?

That is again easy to write about, but difficult to implement in our lives. A certain way of thinking is much like the development of a habit. It’ll take some time and effort in order to have something of substance.

But consider these pointers on how to think positively. These are pointers that I have realized myself from my journey to having a more positive life.

See Everything As A Blessing By Setting Low Expectations

Like I said in The Positive Manifesto, expressing gratitude in life is important. Finding something to be happy about is invaluable. The best way to go about it for myself is by having low expectations.

I don’t wish for the worse case scenario to myself or nothing coming from it obviously. But by doing that, having even a single individual react positively to something I did, is a success to me.

I see it as a blessing and something to be grateful for in my life.

Store Your Image Bank With Positive Thoughts

In the book, The Power Of Thinking Big by John Maxwell, Maxwell goes into detail about our mind being like a bank. Our brain is able to store so many things that it’s basically a bank.

When you ask something positive, you can command your brain to do that and your brain will tell you about the many accomplishments you have done.

On the other hand when you ask something negative, your brain will tell you about the mistakes and blunders you’ve made.

So whenever something positive happens to you, take a mental snapshot of it and store it into your image bank.

Think About Who’s Occupying Your Brain

The previous point is connected to this one I believe. It goes back to something else that Maxwell talked about in his book. He used another analogy to describe it.

In the analogy he used our brain like an apartment building with tenants in it. Depending on how you think varies on the tenant inside. If it’s positive, you’ll lean more towards asking positive questions to get positive answers.

This is the same case with negativity as well. The more negativity you think about the more you’ll see the world in a negative light. Not to mention the more negative questions you’ll ask, dwelling more on mistakes than accomplishments.

Acknowledge Faults, But Dwell On Solutions

As I’ve said before, positivity to me is being aware of the things around us. We know what influences us. We know our flaws as well. But instead of dwelling on every one of those issues, we are hustling to fix those things.

Take the time to dwell on solutions. Think more about the “what are you going to do about it” question. By doing that you’ll spend little time complaining or venting about the problem and more on the solution.

Have A Curious Mind To Everything

One of the problems I think people have is they see one side of the coin and refuse to see the other. People generally don’t have a curiosity of certain things. Even the tiny things like taking a shower or washing your hands.

People have grown accustomed to it and resist when people rock the boat or present something new.

But I believe having a curious and in general open mind to things can lead towards interesting things. Understanding peoples views, even when you don’t agree with them, is healthy. But also being fascinated by the fact even in situations where you may not find the information useful, the perspective would be refreshing.

Positive Thinking Is A Mindset

At the end of the day, that is essentially what it is. If you haven’t picked up your copy of “The Positivity Manifesto” I highly encourage you to do so by clicking on the cover of it below. In there there are actionable tips you can do to be happier and spread happiness around as well.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Feeling down or want to spread more positivity in your life? Pick up a copy of my FREE “The Positivity Manifesto” Click on the image above to get access.

Eric S Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author who focuses on positivity, mindset and growth, sharing his journey through these.

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