How To Turn A Bad Situation Good

All Situations Aren’t As Bad As They Look

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On Monday, I talked about some of the benefits of having a power outage. But overall the main theme of that is how to turn a bad situation on it’s head.

I believe that in every negative situation, there is always something positive about it. Like the power outage, I presented a handful of ideas of what one could be doing. Those suggestions are even things to do when you have one of those disconnection sessions.

All of that stems from a way of thinking. And of course you can work towards that mindset and achieve that too.

Here’s a few pointers that I discovered.

Look For The Lesson

With every negative situation there is always something positive about it. Most times that positive thing is in the form of a lesson. And it is up to us to look for the lesson in there.

I believe that the positive aspect is essentially that lesson. I am thankful for those lessons as a variety of them have made a massive impact on my life. I explain a few of them in my book “The Shy Boy I Once Knew”.

Finding a lesson though can be tough though, and in some cases there are multiple lessons in there. Some of them you won’t figure out until later on and some you’ll learn immediately. Regardless expressing gratitude from those lessons and even iterating them to reinforce them is very helpful for you.

Don’t Sweat It

One thing to keep in mind is that we live long lives. In the grand scheme of things, a bad situation in our life is a temporary thing. There is much higher chances that our lives were overly positive as opposed to negative.

It’s all a matter of how you see it. You see when we dwell on negative things we are more prone to think negatively and see more of the bad side of things. It’s easier for us to play the victim card or come up with excuses when someone is telling us to cheer up.

One way to protect yourself from those negative tendencies is to not worry about it. I’m not suggesting being lazy or utterly care free about the issue. Definitely be worried and concerned and strive for a solution, but in the end, you can say you tried and you learned and grew from it some way.

Focus On The Action, Not The Problem

When we dwell on negative things, we find it easier to be dragged down by it. When we do this, focusing on a problem, we are giving the problem more power than it needs. This can lead us to over-thinking problems, or even being paralyzed by the fact the problem is so daunting.

The reality is the problem is still the same, but our brains have played it up to be a huge deal in our heads. In order to deflate the problem in those cases but also to see how to turn these situations into good things, we have to focus on the action.

In other words it is crucial to discuss a solution as opposed to dwelling on the current problem at hand. This means complaining about it is out of the question. When we focus on an action and how to deal with it, it puts things into perspective that the problem is actually fairly small. Again it makes us think that our problems are temporary and in fact are small.

True, Problems Play A Significant Role In Our Lives

As I’ve said before, humans grow from negativity and strife in our lives. However problems are small when we think about them and as we get older and experience more of life they were actually small issues that have made a big impact in who we are today.

How do you solve your problems? Leave your thoughts down below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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