How To Use The Law Of Attraction To Get What You Want

A continuation of how to manifest from the law of attraction

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In an interview with Oprah in 1997, Jim Carrey talked about the law of attraction and how he was able to attract ten million dollars for acting services rendered. He did this by putting a cheque of that amount in his wallet and post-dated the cheque Thanksgiving 1995. He managed to fulfil that after a lot of hard work and dedication to his acting career.

Though this is an extreme case, it still is something that I believe in. And I believe people can use the law of attraction to attract small things that lead to bigger things later on down the road.

Today I’ll be talking about some basic steps and things to keep in mind that you can use to do all of this.

Step 1: Setting Small Goals

I’ve written before about setting great goals and in there I explain a little bit of the framework necessary to setting great and achievable goals.

The main point is to start off small, much like with setting goals in general. You won’t be in perfect physical shape the next day if this is your first time working out. You have to start off small, say working out for a half hour or even ten minutes a few times a week at home.

But by setting small goals it’s easy to attract certain things in small amounts. Things like positivity or motivation. Even though you are attracting particular things in small amounts, small amounts do add up over time.

For example, I dedicate my time to writing approximately 300 words every day. I want to improve my writing and I think this is the best approach. 300 doesn’t sound like much, but by committing to that daily, I’d write roughly 110,000 words per year.

Step 2: Taking Action

Of course in order to attract something you have to put in effort. Like I explained on Monday, some people pitch the idea you need to dream lavishly in order to attract anything. That’s breaking the very first step. Before getting the million dollar yacht, you might have to settle with the tiny row boat first and build up.

Instead, using this analogy again, dream about the tiny boat.

It’s so cute, and fits for two.

It’s perfect for you and your partner.

Or you and your potential partner.

Or maybe you and your dog.

Anyway point is, once you visualize that, start to work towards earning that tiny boat.

So do price research, ask yourself should you go for something brand new or used?

Figure out a price point and then put together a plan to save up. Whether it’s saving money from a day job or doubling down on your side business or business.

Only after you have hit that smaller goal is when you start thinking of something bigger. But not before you do the next step which is…

Step 3: Showing Gratitude

This step is a really big one and that is expressing gratitude. For one you are attracting more positivity to you when you express gratitude. However specifically expressing gratitude towards what you have can motivate you to taking the next step.

Going back to the boat analogy let’s say you have a one person canoe or a kayak. Often times when people want to get something better, they will often times complain about what they have existing. It’ll get to the point where it’s generally “useless” to them and you’ll find it in a yard sale or in the dumpster.

I believe it’s this particular reason why most people practice instant gratification. You can easily get a loan to go and buy a tiny row boat right now. Or even a yacht for that matter.

But then you have to deal with that debt and you’ll be complaining about that. Even though you got the boat that you wanted.

The reality is since you were complaining, you attracted more of that under appreciation in your life. You’ve attracted complaining and negativity.

Instead, by expressing gratitude, even in situations where you don’t have what you are looking for, you’ll be that more grateful when you finally have that tiny row boat.

Not to mention taking it out and actually using it. You’ll see it as something you’ve earned or a return on your investment.

Furthermore, because you learned how to attract things to you properly you may be able to practice this to attract larger quantities. Thus accelerating you towards getting the next “upgrade” faster.

And That’s It!

It’s a simple process, but I believe it works. For one it has allowed me to attract more people and more exposure of my work in general.

Through setting weekly goals I give my self a reasonable amount of time to accomplish them, enough that I can put faith in myself that I’ll achieve it, followed by showing gratitude throughout the whole process.

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To your growth!

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