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How To Waste People’s Time In The Business World

Some basic things not to do and why.

Our time is the most precious resource in the entire world.

We’ve heard it all before, no doubt, but some people haven’t quite understood that. The big reason is that so many people in the entrepreneurial or business world choose to waste other peoples time with utter bullshit actions.

I’m sure they have their reasons.

  • They’re passionate about their business and want to grow it further.
  • Or perhaps they’ve spent several years working at this so they have a vested interest in the survival and growth of their company.

That’s alright.

But I said a while back that the business is an extension of yourself and your beliefs.

What you are willing to settle on and say through your business represents what you think of your business.

So if you waste peoples time and yet turn around and say you want your business to grow and help people, it tells me you have a different agenda.

And sure some people may get away with thinking that way. But I believe it’s better for business to be more open and clear about their intentions. And the best way to convey that is through the actions we make as entrepreneurs.

So if you waste peoples time by doing these tactics, I’ll ignore you. And if you avoid these things, then we can certainly do business.

Offer Low Paying Jobs

I get it.

If you’re running a ground floor business you are bound to be short-staffed and have little resources.

That is given in any situation.

But that doesn’t excuse you from hiring or offering people jobs that are laughably low in pay.

Just this morning I turned down a job that offered to pay $1 for every 500 words I typed.

On top of that, they wanted me to come up with topics and do the research as well.

The cherry on top of this offer was that the ad also included these lovely phrases:

“If you can’t type at least 10,000 words during the duration of the contract don’t apply. You are not worth my time.”

Or at least something similar to that.

I’ve ranted before about low paying jobs with freelancers before, but those who stick to these low ball methods show their intentions are cheap.

They see people more as resources as opposed to real people.

And sure some owners can argue money is tight. But the help isn’t always necessary.

If you’re biting off more than you can chew, continue to learn and manage things on your own. Business is a learning process and sure you may lose clients but that’s part of business and life.

We learn from mistakes.

And I feel it’s a lot better to be honest and communicate with people if there is too much rather than hire someone for a “shit job.”

Because what I was offered above was a shit job.

And that leads to me thinking that person is a shitty person.

All because they can’t handle the pressure and think they can get away by paying someone literally nothing for extensive, quick and good quality work.

Offer Little In Return

I’m not talking about exclusively pay or benefits. I’m talking about the work itself.

By all means, we need to be paid an appropriate amount, but the pay needs to reflect the work that we do. Not to mention it’s important that the work that we do gives us meaning.

Whether it’s the people that we work with or the environment in which we are working in, it needs to be a place where we feel we can grow and belong in.

It’s a little difficult to read that on the surface if you are looking for work. After all, businesses have started to create jobs where some positions have people literally doing nothing over the course of a day.

And yet these positions have extensive duties creating an illusion that you’ll be busy.

But these waste time. For both people.

A company is paying more money to pay for someone who is not growing or finding any kind of advancement.

They’re simply a safety net in cases where they are needed.

And sure you can argue that you need that person. But there’s nothing wrong with temporary help.

There’s a booming freelance economy right now.

So long as you are willing to pay a reasonable rate, someone will gladly step in.

It’s better to hire the help when needed rather than keep someone around in case something happens. And sure it may be more proactive to have someone on site right there when something goes wrong.

But who is to say that nothing will ever go wrong?

In the end, you want people to grow because it shows that your business is growing too. And sure you may be tempted to fill those positions and that’s okay. So long as hiring that extra hand doesn’t stall your growth and that you can promise the person they’ll have more work and duties as you progress.

Don’t Have A Grasp Of The Industry

If you watch any entrepreneurial shows like Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den (basically Canada’s version of Shark Tank), you’ll know that most entrepreneurs on there have their shit together.

Even businesses that don’t have many sales or are in their infancy have owners who have some knowledge of the market and have generated interest.

But there are some people who don’t have that grasp. In fact, they have nothing.

And on Dragon’s Den, the successful entrepreneurs can really rip into those people.

From examples above where they’re tight on cash, or simply create a product that’s not needed, it’s clear some people don’t have a grasp of the industry.

And sure it’s the opinion of a small group of people, but it’s still a waste of peoples time.

Especially if you’re gambling with this money by pumping all of it into a business that you have no concrete evidence that it’ll succeed.

And obviously that’s difficult to obtain and present success doesn’t mean you’ll have great success later. However, at least you’d have a track record. You’d have a better grasp of what the industry and the people in it are like. And that makes a difference.

When I first became a writer, I wrote poorly. There was no formatting or editing. In fact, there really wasn’t a flow at all to it.

Today, I look at my old posts and laugh at how poorly written they were. I also make a habit of formatting and editing a piece. I also do research here and there when necessary.

Your attitudes change with knowledge of your industry.

And if you’ve got results to back it up, then you have a better grasp of whether or not your idea is good or absolutely terrible and waste everyone’s time.

And I know that’s difficult to do at the beginning, but there’s nothing stopping you with mulling over the idea, spending a little bit of your money on it, and seeing where it takes you.

Because it’s a lot better to avoid those time wasters and dedicate a portion of your time to seeing whether you can grow yourself, your business, and those around you as opposed to wasting everyone's time.

Time is precious to all of us and as soon as you realize that, you’ll focus more on growth and giving you, your business, and others more meaning and fulfilment. This is how you know you have a good idea: if you can pull that off.

If not, then continue to grow and see where the journey takes you.

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon: http://bit.ly/2pIEPFR

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