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How To Waste People’s Time In The Business World

Some basic things not to do and why.


Our time is the most precious resource in the entire world.

We’ve heard it all before, no doubt, but some people haven’t quite understood that. The big reason is that so many people in the entrepreneurial or business world choose to waste other peoples time with utter bullshit actions.

I’m sure they have their reasons.

  • They’re passionate about their business and want to grow it further.
  • Or perhaps they’ve spent several years working at this so they have a vested interest in the survival and growth of their company.

That’s alright.

But I said a while back that the business is an extension of yourself and your beliefs.

What you are willing to settle on and say through your business represents what you think of your business.

So if you waste peoples time and yet turn around and say you want your business to grow and help people, it tells me you have a different agenda.

And sure some people may get away with thinking that way. But I believe it’s better for business to be more open and clear about their intentions. And the



Eric S Burdon

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