I remember writing a post months ago about Medium and the changes that it’s making and it’s worth repeating again. I think I’ll also write an article on the subject since it’s certainly worth reminding people as well to avoid this kind of negative thinking.

What I recall from the piece I wrote was I wanted to send a clear message to other writers that the changes Medium was making was a good thing. I still stand by that as for the longest of times Medium was merely bringing writers in to read other writers work. That was essentially what the platform was all about and that was certainly pushed further when we were told that we all could start earning money from all of this.

Just like Jessica Wildfire suggests, bringing in bigger name writers who are already established can be seen in two ways: They could “steal” our own views to the point we give up, or they’re bringing in a wider audience who still have a good chance of seeing our work.

All this time I feel that Medium is taking steps towards bringing readers rather than more writers onto the platform. That’s not to say no more writers are coming here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a growing number of people who are coming here just to read articles rather than write. On top of that I see the MPP as a way to gauge our growth and progress as a writer. After all, how we get paid as writers is our ability to make good headlines, write good quality writing that keeps people engaged and ultimately leave a positive impression on the person who will clap and maybe share the article. If that’s not happening, then the onus is on you to fix it.

Or you know, just complain about it without taking responsibility.

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