I was looking forward to Disney + mainly because of Marvel’s Phase 4 is mostly coming in the form of various TV series that’ll be appearing on the platform. Right now I believe they should have Loki on there but there are other titles that’ll add some context to other things MCU fans have noticed over the years.

I feel for MCU fans that might be a reason they want to be getting this service and I’ve certainly felt the tug of it too. But after a while and seeing pieces like yours and other tweets about what Disney + is doing I’ll likely not get it at all.

I’ve never been too big into streaming services in general and I find lately some businesses attempts into the entertainment market have been lacklustre at best. There’s been EA Games and their predatory practices with loot boxes. There’s also been Stadia a new gaming platform with absolutely no games and generally poor execution. Then there’s Disney which is riddled with problems.

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