It’s Okay If Your Life Is Unstable

It’s not your life that’s unstable. It might be your mindset.

This past month hasn’t been the most productive for me. With plans of moving out of my parent's place, client work, amongst other commitments, I have to admit I’ve felt overwhelmed.

Or at least I felt like I was overwhelmed.

Over this past month, I felt like things seemed unstable and chaotic. Though looking at my workload I’m making a big deal over something small, there are definitely people out there with an unstable life.

Many of us are looking to find a balance between work and life.

We want to be solving our problems and when problems seem larger we panic.

These sorts of revelations and experiences really show off what the real problem is.

Our problem isn’t that our life is unstable, but rather that we think it’s unstable. And whenever it comes to a belief or a thought, our mindset is what needs fixing.

You Can Always Break Down Problems

This isn’t to deny the fact that some problems are harder to deal with than others. We all experience problems in our lives and some induce stronger emotions from us.

I know I’m worried that my current lifestyle isn’t enough to support me moving out and that I’ll eventually have to move back to my parent’s place. This alone is pretty hard on me seeing as money has been a point of issue for me for some time.

But much like my own money problems or any other large problem, it can be addressed by breaking it down.

I’ve started to seriously tackle my money issue these past two years. I’ve put my priority on making more money and trying new things.

The reality is that while our lives can be chaotic, there is clarity when we break down the issues of our lives and begin to focus on what really matters. There are all kinds of distractions and red herrings in our way in solving our problems. What’s important is we stay true and focus on solving the problem and finding ways to speed up the problem-solving.

You Can Always Find New Purposes

When we become overwhelmed, a lot of us quickly pivot to procrastination. Even in periods where we are extremely busy, we neglect other areas in our lives.

I know for me recently this is something I’ve been doing. Judging by the infrequency of my Medium and blog posts as well as progress on the writing course I’m taking,

But as one of the creators of this writing program said to me:

The desire to procrastinate is something that we all have. Some have learned to manage it.

Whether it’s procrastination or when delaying certain things makes you feel uneasy, remember that you can always stop for a moment. Breathe. And find new motivations to realign yourself.

Tapping into old purposes, discovering what led you astray or finding something new can lead you to have stability in your life. It gives you purpose and a clearer focus on what to do next.

You Can Always Look For Help

When we feel uneasy or uncertain about our lives, it feels like we are all alone. It’s easy for us to victimize ourselves and to become narrow-minded during harder times.

We focus on a single problem and complain about it, neglecting the multiple solutions around us.

We believe a single source is the sole answer and another source is the sole problem, neglecting the larger picture.

It’s during these times we forget that we’re never truly alone in these situations. Help can come from even the most unusual of sources. It’s only a matter of looking around and reaching out for help.

Throughout most of my life, I struggled with looking for help and admitting it. It’s something new for me as I’ve been so used to handling my problems on my own. However, during my run with writing and running a business, I realize teamwork is more important. Being able to collaborate with other people rather than divide people makes more sense.

So if you are truly stuck, recognize you’re only a single question away from getting help and a new direction.

Life is certainly a roller coaster, but it’s never a completely broken down one. That isn’t to say there will be problems along the way, but there will always be ways for us to repair it or find help who can.

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