Measuring value with your time

Time doesn’t equal money

One thing is for certain about people, we want to get value out of the things that we do. Businesses are fully aware of this to the point that their business models tend to offer free versions. Letting consumers get a feel for the platform.

Even with our friendships, we want to be getting value out of them. And once they’re not useful they tend to drift apart and vanish into obscurity. Again, because they no longer give value or we don’t see the value in that connection.

How do we determine value?

Because there are many things in the world that are technically valuable, but aren’t necessary. They don’t really help you in your life at the current moment.

We instead see the perceived value in the form of how much money we will save versus the alternative. And in a sense that does work. However I believe measuring with time is actually far more valuable in a few ways.

For one, time doesn’t fluctuate in value

We’re all given the same 24 hours every day. True people may get more time in the sense that they live longer, but that’s really a moot point. Compared to money we have the different values based on the coin or the bill. Not to mention exchange rates amongst the other rates that we have.

My point is, time is constant and doesn’t fluctuate. It’s an ideal way to measure things in our lives. After all it’s our most precious resource.

When using it as a measurement you can determine if something is worth pursuing.

There are many ways of getting your time back, but the problem is still the same at it’s core. Your business is running you.

So when you are deciding income streams, there’s nothing wrong with putting a lot of time into up front. However there needs to be an opportunity for you to get your time back. Either a system that you can implement or the work paying you for years to come for some level of work up front like a book or videos.

Time is valuable

It’s something that we can never get back. Yet I feel it’s somewhat thrown away by so many people. We invest time into people that hold us back or on things we don’t really need to do. Let alone things that we don’t really need in our lives.

And I’m not saying we need to be constantly aware of how much time we spend on certain things either. Because in the end we’d be in a panic state, like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

Instead, I believe we need to have some level of consciousness and being aware that our time is valuable. I believe it’s important to spend time with the people we care about, that lift us up. That we do the things we want to be doing. And doing it the most effective way we can with our current abilities.

Time is precious

And I think it shouldn’t be wasted on things that make us feel bad or repressed or held back. Even though there are lessons to be learned through doing those things, in the end the experience will help us grow and get our time back. Getting our time back in the sense that we have learned what not to do but also how to go about it in a more effective manner.

Time is used sparingly. Fill that time with the things that you want to do, the joy you want to feel, and the experiences that you want to be present for.

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