Meditation: The Ultimate Form Of Developing Patience

Eric S Burdon
4 min readJun 8, 2018

There are many tips and tricks out there for developing patience, but I believe one of the most notable ones is mediation.

Not only do you find yourself in a relaxed state of mind, you can stay in that position for extended periods of time with the proper training.

Meditation is a godsend and throughout my life has helped me to develop myself in ways I never imagined.

Overall, I’ve been a pretty patient person, finding entertainment in the most basic of things. It’s probably why I find mediation so helpful and entertaining as well.

Meditation Allows Us To Grow Deeper

Meditation is a skill that we all take for granted. In the world we can estimate that a good 200 to 500 million people actually meditate on the regular. That sounds like a lot but when the world is fast approaching 8 billion people, that’s actually a small chunk.

Now, not every single person has to meditate, however if you are looking to develop patience or grow in profound ways, meditation is something that is important, practically necessary for us.

Primarily because meditation allows us to grow deeper. As I’ve said before, we grow impatient for a variety of reasons. However those reasons are tied to events or beliefs in our lives.

For example, I eat quickly because I’m used to a specific schedule that was drilled into my head since preschool. To this day, I still eat rather quickly as opposed to taking my time to enjoy the meal. It’s a battle.

The thing is, I wouldn’t have realized that if it wasn’t for me meditating and paying close attention to my thoughts and actions.

Others may be eating in a hurry or be in a hurry in general because their reality is that they are always in a hurry. Whether it’s a number of commitments or something else.

In the end, these realizations help us to grow deeper because we understand our realities and ourselves. If we deem these to be a problem we can always reprogram our thinking, much like me teaching myself to slow down and enjoy a meal.

Meditation Helps Us To Realize Many Things About Patience

One of the other big things that meditation reveals is how to actually develop patience. For many people they ask the question how can we develop patience. It’s why I’ve been sticking with the words develop patience.

The truth of the matter is that we can’t develop patience. However we can learn to let go of our own sense of being impatient.

Through meditation we can slowly learn this and find the proper way to let all that go.

As this article suggests, when we stay focused on “creating patience” we can find ourselves stressed out, even while meditating.

So instead of asking the question “how can I develop patience?” I encourage you all to start asking a different question:

“How can I remove my sense of being impatient?”

You can ask this in all manner of scenarios. From how we eat, talk, how we work, and so much more. When we learn to slow down and enjoy the process, things get easier. It’s through this ease that we learn where we must focus on next and work hard and smart in those areas.

Our Patience Is A Measurement

Our patience is a measurement or tolerance of being impatient. When we learn what drives us to act irrationally, we can better learn to be more patient in certain situations.

In order to do this, learn to meditate. Indeed we can get impatient at the beginning when we meditate.

But the more that we do it, the deeper we understand ourselves and what drives certain actions. That goes for being impatient.

So take the time to pause and breath and meditate a little. Over time, it can do a lot.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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