Never Be So Quick To Judge

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On Wednesday, I went off on a bit of rant talking about the past not being who you are as a person.

One thing I was dancing around was the fact that when people view your past people are very quick to judge you and sum you up in their head.

It goes back to that comment that I had where I have no car, no “job”, and living at my parents place.

Although all true, people are lacking perspective.

The thing is with people…

Is that we are so quick to judge other people.

You see a homeless man or woman and you don’t want to associate with them or give them money.

That individual may very well be a military vet, someone who studied at Harvard University, or even a millionaire disguised as a homeless person.

Trust me, there’s videos of that out there. Here’s one of them:

Anyway, I believe people don’t see that because they are only fixated on who that person looks like right now.

They’re not looking at the bigger picture nor are they making an effort to connect.

When we judge people…

Or give people unwanted advice, we are in essence looking in a house of that person.

As we all know a house has multiple rooms, stairs, hallways and more.

We can’t see everything that’s going on.

But people are coming to their own conclusions based on what they see through that one window of that person’s “house”.

They’re not bothering to engage with the person and get to know them.

Albert Einstein was believed to be a mute because he didn’t talk until he was 4 years old. They even went on to say he wouldn’t amount to much at all.

Now everyone knows his name and is no doubt one of the greatest minds at the time.

But people said those things and viewed him that way because at the time, that’s what he was like. He had his own rationale for being silent and thinking the way he thought.

So how do we stop judging people so quickly?

The Best Thing We Can Do Is…

Have an open mind.

By no means can we eliminate judging people. As human beings it’s natural for us to look at other people and draw conclusions.

However we get to choose to use those biases or not in our interactions with people.

By having an open mind we are allowing ourselves to see people as who they are. We’re allowing their words and actions to determine how we perceive them.

By judging people through words and actions we’re tying in people’s feelings or preaches, with their own actions or practices.

Is what they are saying to people something that they are doing themselves? Are they at least making an attempt to practice what they preach?

It also gives people an opportunity to see the bigger picture. After all we all have reasons for the decisions that we make. Albert Einstein didn’t talk for years because he was scared of people.

It’s all a matter of being open. Not to mention reaching out and connecting. We’re all fighting our own battles.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Entrepreneur, positive-minded. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my growth. Support me on Patreon:

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