No problem at all. Ever since I began writing, that notion we had to wear multiple hats was apparent to me. I thought in no circumstances could you simply produce content and leave it at that. Well, unless you had a huge team to do everything for you.

As for that reality I agree that it’s quite difficult, but at the same time it’s not as bad as it seems. I know Youtubers who are getting by with 10K subscribers. I’m also aware from The Millionaire Next Door, most of the millionaires surveyed in it were making roughly 50–70K USD a year from what I recall. I’m not saying it’s easy to build up, but the threshold I feel is a lot easier provided you know what you are doing (I feel most do) and you’re smart with money (I feel most aren’t).

I can see why the appeal for those alternatives are there and why people can revolve their strategies around them. It’s created this culture where people can milk the system by giving away a bunch of free stuff. And if you plan it accordingly you can leverage from it.

The downside though is what you’ve mentioned in your article, but also many people have drove themselves into a corner where they have to do that to survive (which is a whole other problem to those creating content). They’ve become dependent on GGGA and relaying on other sources where it hinges on having a massive audience. I think though that there are other alternatives that can produce more. Patreon is certainly one of them along with Steemit as well, but also looking into using money wisely, putting some into investing and having a few of those things running in the background.

I think people are hesitant toward paying for quality content right out the door too. But I think that it’s gotten better over time. Part of it may come down to how a person is positioning themselves. After all we are a society that still has a norm to tip our waitresses (or waiters) even if this was the first time we went to that restaurant or never been waited by that particular waitress/waiter. I think thinking in that approach could be very beneficial for those who are looking to go a more “pure” route and avoid advertisers.

I’m still working on my audience as well in coming up with the best strategy for that too. It’s gotten better, but I think my strategy for now is to build up that audience and find a variety of sources to benefit me financially. I plan to use Patreon, Steemit, and I have some other plans in mind as my content and my life evolve.

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