One Extra Mile: What Separates Ordinary And Excellence

Why it pays to take that extra mile.

There are many habits and attitudes that separate the truly amazing companies and those that will eventually close down. A lot of it comes down to the attitudes and mindsets that the owners have and pass down through company culture.

One of those mindsets is going the extra mile.

It’s the idea of going beyond the call of duty to serve customers or to grow your business.

Of course, the downside of this attitude is that it can breed people to spend several hours at a time working on something. Developing a workaholic attitude and straining relationships in both work and personal. However, I’m not saying we should be spending several hours all in one sitting.

Generally speaking, this extra mile effort should be relatively quick and under an hour.

Like a writer reviewing a piece of work. Reiterating it to themselves to ensure it flows better.

Or perhaps doing what these companies have done with specific customers.

Even indulging in a customers request to take a few pictures while they’re eating.

It’s these small little things that when owners encourage, that make a huge difference. And here’s why you want to be practicing these more often in your business.

It’s A Small Act Of Kindness And It Feels Good

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Regardless of what business you operate it’s a small act of kindness.

You’re ensuring that by putting in this extra effort, you’ll feel better about yourself and for others around you.

Even things that are more personally geared towards you can have an impact.

Research shows that a couple is more likely to work out together if one of them has some consistent habits revolving around their health.

There is also a widespread movement of people quitting social media (more recently Bailey Richardson one of the employees of Instagram) and it started thanks to a handful of people being aware of the dangers of social media.

So you can see this can not only impact your business, but also your personal philosophy.

And what’s not to love about that?

It Makes You Human

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Humanizing a business I believe is important in today’s society. With personal branding being more prominent, it’s clear that the businesses that’ll make it far are the ones that feel more human.

Things like engaging on social media and having their owners assisting causes that people care about are things that add personality. Not to mention setting foundations and charities can also add a more human element

These reveal peoples motivations and perhaps another side of them that we didn’t quite realize.

They’re not all in it for the money.

And for others, they realize that the business they run is merely a tool to help them grow and improve themselves and others around them.

You don’t need to be starting up a charity right this instant, but dedicating a bit more time and care to your craft can go a long way. The extra mile can be the difference between your customers feeling like they’re talking to a business and another human being.

Customers Will Love It

We all have history with our business. It might not be as grand as some of the other big businesses in the world, but it can still make for a great story.

After all it’s a story about your business.

And by going that extra mile every time can lead to some great developments.

The habits that we build form those stories and if that extra mile means you showing more compassion for your work or customers, they’ll begin to talk about it. They’ll be able to see your dedication, effort, and kindness.

And that I think is the best way to market your brand. Your brand being so strong that people already know your story and will love to share it with other people.

Something Small Can Make A Big Difference

The extra mile doesn’t have to be dedicating an extra four or five plus hours to something. I believe that borderlines perfectionism which is not good to have in business.

Instead, it’s going out of your way to add a few more adjustments, or showing other sides of you that you think can help humanize you more.

It doesn’t always have to be painfully obvious. It can be subtle like doing a bit of research or going to back to edit a piece or retaking that 5-minute video. So long as you know that that extra effort is worth going through that little bit of work, then it’s smart to take that leap.

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