One thing that I’ve learned recently through my growth journey is not everything that we see as negative is truly negative. As we discussed last time with cynicism, there are distinct advantages to various things. I also discovered that complaining can merit some perks as well. That being your complaining can lead to actually solving the problem or creating something to facilitate all in the name of solving a problem.

Going back to virginity, it doesn’t always equal a bad thing as you pointed out. There’s stories behind it. Not to mention there is plenty of porn out there too so it’s not like all virgins are innocent angels who never had sex and have never masturbated to porn before.

I think it all boils down to a persons perspective. You touched on it a little bit at the end. If you milk this one trait you don’t like, it’s going to create a rift. I’ve had potential friendships ruined because I focused on the few things people didn’t do or some of their issues. I didn’t tell them about it, but it changed how I approached them and viewed them. I’ve learned from that, but others certainly haven’t. That really will take time, and I can imagine that this article will certainly help others realize that too.

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